A Day In The Life

We’ve left the Venthyrs, vampires suck (hehe)! Their zone is depressive, their quests are dull, and the Ember Court is boring af. We’ve pledged our loyalty to the Kyrians and we won’t look back.

Bastion, which was the zone we enjoyed the less while levelling has actually become the zone we love most. Not only does it still feels like World of Warcraft, it also feels good to see some blue sky.

The entire time that we’ve spent with the Venthyrs, we felt disconnected from Azeroth, almost as if we were playing another game. Revendreth is grey, unpractical and the quests are boring at best.

Bastion makes us want to explore, fish and even return to Azeroth to complete old achievements. But what has been the most amazing so far, is the campaign. Yesterday, we’ve completed the storyline Trial of Ascension and it was fantastic, especially the quest A Day in The Life. It was one of the best quests we’ve completed in Shadowlands. Not only was it a real pleasure to be brought back to Redridge but it was also the first time that we could see the actual link between the Shadowlands and Azeroth (beside all the Sylvanas drama ofc).

Who would have thought that being an Angel would be so fun?

The Boys

We’re not fans of super heroes, and I find it pretty depressing that Marvel is probably the direction that cinema is going to take in the next decade. But The Boys is the super heroes TV show we didn’t know we wanted.

And why do we love it so much? Because it goes all the way, and even beyond. It’s insane, in the best way possible. I don’t know how they’re going to top the couple moments of Stormfront and Homelander, but I’m pretty confident that they’ll succeed, and I can’t wait to see it!

Snow, Finally!

It’s finally been snowing over this god forsaken place, hiding its grey and depressive ugliness. It lasted an afternoon, then it melted. Forgive my negativity, but I don’t like Brussels. In fact, to say that I don’t like this place doesn’t traduce my resentment, because I fucking hate Brussels and, one day, I don’t know when and I don’t know where, we’ll move out of here… Preferably in a place where it snows in winter, with trees.


Both Soforah and I have travelled through Scandinavia, sometimes together, sometimes on our own. While Denmark, Norway and Sweden have each a distinct identity, it’s Finland that feels the furthest from us, and not only geographically.

Murders, edgy cops and plots twists, all is there to make a great thriller, but it’s something else that makes the charm of Deadwind, a subtile feeling that it happens in a country that’s different, with people who are different.

The actors who portray Sofia Karppi and Sakari Nurmi are amazing and we almost instantly got attached to both of them. Sakari Nurmi drives a BMW 8-series coupe, which is a luxury GT car. When you walk in Helsinki, you often see cars of that genre, low, long and black, much more than I’ve ever seen anywhere else.

Finnish is also a fantastic language to listen to. You could think that the language is close to the ones spoken in the neighbouring countries, but both Swedish (one of the two official languages of Finland) and Russian belong to the Indo-European group of languages, while Finnish is a Finno-Ugric language. The latter group also includes Hungarian, Estonian, Sámi (spoken by the indigenous people of northern Finland, Sweden and Norway and northwestern Russia) and several lesser-known languages spoken in areas of Russia. Sorry for the involuntary lesson, I just find comparative linguistics fascinating.

Watching the second season was very cheering, as there’s a lot of snow, which changes from the usual grey landscape of a wintery Brussels. Who ever thought that a Nordic Noir would be the brightest thing we could see in January?

Moving Away From Water Cooling

When we first built our PCs, 2 years ago, AIOs were all the rage (as was RGB). Unfortunately, as time passes, water coolers degrade, their performances lower and the pumps become noisy. After checking my usual hardware forums (meaning: PCMR), it appears that more people are moving away from water cooling.

I decided to go for a Noctua NH-D15S. Since we had to change the PCU cooler, I also decided to change all the case fans because, let’s face it, Corsair’s PSUs may be the bests, their fans are horrible. One of mine was vibrating at a high speed and one of Soforah’s RGB fans was flickering for no reason. We also got tired of having so many lights inside of our cases, it easily tires our eyes and induces headaches on longer gaming sessions. So, we went back to our all time favourite brand: Noctua.

It took me 4-5 hours to strip our two cases of all the bloat from our previous builds and install the new cooling equipment. It was the first time that I had to remove thermal paste from a CPU, it was super easy with alcohol wipes.

The result is excellent, the temperature levels are down as well as the noise of the fans, even at higher RPM. This concludes my once in a life time attempt at trying other brands for my PC hardware.

Little tip: when you use Google to search for technical specifications, always set the date of the results to “last year”. I wanted to know if I could use PWM fans with my motherboard and the answers I found were that only DC fans could be used for the chassis. It appears that these answers were outdated and that the latest ASUS motherboards automatically detect the fans and can perfectly handle PWM.

TLDR: Our PCs no longer look like Christmas trees trapped inside of an aquarium. Corsair cooling was bad, Noctua remains the best.

Xmas Holidays: Second Week


We’ve started to build the pirate ship that Sof’ offered me for my birthday. It’s a fun build and I can’t wait to see it completed.


When you’ve spent the last 6 months in a world where you practically one shot every mob, it’s hard to land in a place where 2 mobs is too much to handle. That point is when we generally go back to our hunters because they cheese up everything you throw at them. Unfortunately, hunter is also the most dull class and it easily trivialises every aspect of the game.

So, we decided to hold on to our paladins, and we did well. It’s harder, we have 18 buttons to press instead of 3, but we have the feeling to play the game. The food buffs, the potions, the gems, the enchants, everything matters now and it makes the game so much more interesting and fun.

At this moment, we’re building our own routine with Torghast, Heroic dungeons and the callings which we enjoy very much. We’re also participating to Winter Veil and it adds pretty nicely to the Christmas spirit.


Like I said in my previous post, we’ve ditched every TV show that we had planned to watch in favour of Dark. We’ve seen the end of the second season yesterday and it blew our mind. I won’t speak too much about it here because I feel like the show deserves its very own post.

We’re getting ready for two cozy days of Christmas magic at home.

Xmas Holidays: First Week

Our home working computers are hidden inside of a wardrobe, the apartment is fully decorated (picture above), the laundry basket is empty and everything is planned to the last detail. But you know how it goes, after 3 days the plan was entirely changed…

We were supposed to play only with our paladins but we’ve also started to level our hunters and we’ve race changed them to Taurens…

We’re currently using Clefthooves as pets because they’re more resistants to damage. Also, they’re big wooly beasts and we love them. I’ve called mine Hoofty because, you know, Liège and stuff…

We were supposed to watch the second season of The Boys, followed by Truth Seekers. Instead, we’re re-watching one of our favourite TV shows ever: Dark and it is as good as the first time we watched it.

TLDR: We’re on holidays, we don’t follow the plan we had made and we’re having a blast. The best moments are often unplanned.

By the way: it’s my birthday and Soforah is making her infamous vegetarian lasagna for this evening, we’ll just have to pop it in the oven after an afternoon of levelling in Maldraxxus and Ardenweald, life is good!

The Craft: Legacy

A young girl has a tough time adapting to her new life after moving to her stepdad’s town until she finds out that she’s a witch… Instead of the film being a remake of The Craft (1996), it is a sequel set 20 years after the original.

We both love movies and TV shows involving teenagers with powers (witches, werewolves, vampires,…), so The Craft: Legacy was a hit for our first movie of the holidays. It was fun and entertaining with enough twists to keep us interested until the end.

Of course, it involves a few rituals for witch three occult consultants were hired by the production.

Writer/director Zoe Lister-Jones based much of the film and its characters in her own adolescent experiences. When she was in seventh grade she shaved her head and wore men’s leisure suits, so she was often misgendered. She also moved into her mother’s boyfriend’s house at a young age and had to adapt to living with young men she hadn’t grown up with. (source: IMDB)

Lately, we’ve started a rerun of X-Files on Amazon Prime and we’ve been quiet shocked to see how David Duchovny has turned.

Seriously, what happened? I know that he’s really into fitness lately, did he abuse hormones or is it the natural ageing of the awesome Fox Mulder? After all, not everybody can stay young forever, except Tom Cruise, of course.

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