The Strange Case of Dreamlight Valley (and why I love it)

Unlocking Mirabel after watching Encanto was awesome!

Since Animal Crossing New Leaf, I’ve really grown to like chill colourful games. I love to relax in a good mood world with clear objectives that I can slowly reach day after day. After all, we’ve bought 4 Nintendo Switch just because it would allow us to have have each 2 ACNH islands.

During last year’s winter holidays, we’ve tried Dreamlight Valley and, while we were having fun, we’ve discarded it because we were not fan enough of Disney’s universe… We went back this week-end and we had a blast. Not only is the game amazingly fun, it is also turning us into Disney fans. We’re now catching back on all the animated movies that we’ve missed and we love it. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the horrible weather, we’d probably be walking in the streets of Disneyland Paris with Mickey and Minnie ears on top of our heads!