Lil’ Bling

Lil' Bling

Finally got something useful from a Blingtron. I still can’t believe it. After all this time… I always summoned my own, but, yesterday, I saw that there were plenty of them up in the Shrine, so, I thought, why spam the place with another one?

I don’t know if that did the trick, but, I was quite happy not to receive more Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E‘s or another Extreme Back Scratcher or any other “crapasourus” from that way too shiny little thing.

Anyway, Lil’ Bling may not be the cutest among all WoW pets, he’s quite welcome in my collection nevertheless. Talking about pets, I really should do more pet battles and stuff…

The Haunting in Elwynn Forest

It was a beautiful autumn morning. I was crossing Elwynn forest to gank low levels try my new chopper. Everything was back to normal, Garrosh was about to be sentenced for the crimes he had committed, the inns were full of rumors about everything and nothing and I was wonderful again, riding my bike like the awesome wild Orc that I am.

I had heard a disturbing story at the tavern last night, while I was getting tanked on cheap ale eating but I didn’t pay much attention. It is said that some human mage is wandering the forest, ambushing males of all races and taking advantage of them. But you know how drunken folks are, they would tell the most bizarre stories just to get some attention.

Awesome the way I am, I really wouldn’t need to get caught by some crazy lady just to get laid. After all, they don’t call me “the sexiest Orc in Azeroth” for nothing. I just happen to be a bit in a low point at the moment. Nothing to worry about.

Anyway, there I was, riding in Elwynn forest when suddenly, she appeared. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was her, the lady mage. Not any lady mage, it was Jaina Proudmoore!

Before I could realize what was happening, she had already casted a frost bolt at my engine. My hog was frozen on spot, I couldn’t escape. All I could do was looking at her, walking in my direction, with fire in her eyes.

Not that I’d ever be scared of a lady… Only this one isn’t an ordinary lady. You see, since Garrosh has dropped a bomb on her home town, people say that she has gone bamboozle. No wonder that if she could put her hands on such an awesome specimen as myself, she would get even more crazy and who knows what she’d do to my body.

I couldn’t let that happen, I had to try something. I threw a frost trap on her path. All hypnotized by my sex-appeal that she was, she didn’t seem to notice it, she walked right on it. Even if it didn’t have much effect on her, it was enough to break her focus, giving me the time to jump off my chopper and cast my camel. I rode as if Ragnaros himself was after me, I didn’t look back.

It took me several kegs days to recuperate. Even weeks later, she still haunts my nights.

So, no matter how desperate fearless you are, if you value your dignity, stay away from Elwynn Forest for it is haunted by a once proud woman, turned into a psychopathic nymphomaniac.

What in WoW reminds you of your home?

Due to the lack of time and most of all, the lack of a blog, I didn’t participate to Blog Azeroth Shared Topic a few weeks ago (or should I say months…). Syrco of Syrco Owl came up with a great and simple question: “What in WoW reminds you of home?”.

I live in multicultural and tiny Belgium. We have mountains, forests, the sea, our big capital city, Brussels, and most of all… fields, lots of fields and meadows… Especially, in the part of Belgium where I come from.

The zone that first popped into my head was Westfall. It’s a tranquil farming area that brings back a lot of childhood memories. Eventhough, I haven’t been raised on a farm and my parents were far from being farmers, our house was surrounded by them. The haystacks, scarecrows, lonely trees in the middle of a plot…

And, then, there is Feralas, which reminds me of our lush, green nature during the summertime. It’s maybe not as exotic looking but, the certain shades of green are quite similar to ours end spring / middle summer.

While Silverpine Forest and Alterac Montains remind me a little of the Ardennes.

Last but not least, well,… I guess I won’t have to explain on how much the next picture of the “Caves of Dinant” looks like a real dungeon 😉 We have plenty of those and I always get carried away, dreaming up adventures and stories whenever stumbling upon one during a long walk in the Ardennes.

Wow, writing this post actually makes me realize on how many places in Azeroth remind me of “home”. Before starting, I really thought I’d have a hard time finding any resemblance at all but, now I’m on a roll and have a hard time stopping :-S Thank you, Syrco for the awesome idea 😉

Revamping the Orc lady

Maybe this already is old news but, man, am I excited to see “Siskie”‘s new look in WoD. The revamp of the female Orc is awesome. Goodbye blank stare, hello facial expressions. I’ve been staring for quite a while at the new models now. The more I look at them, the more I love them.

From the visible muscle tones, to the haircuts, to the new look of the tusks. Hell, I like the whole package. But, not only the Orcs look amazingly well-done, the new female Tauren models are pretty kick-ass as well.

The size of the hooves remain practically unchanged but, a huge upgrade on the hair (love the bangs ;-)) and again: facial expressions. Can’t wait to see my druid rocking this upgrade.


What a liar that Mei Francis! I am far from being the first to receive the Hearthsteed.
Let’s be honest, it’s not my kind of mount, but I enjoy that kind of cross-game achievement.
I didn’t start playing Hearthstone for the mount, nonetheless, I was very happy to receive that mail.

Being fan of the Blizzard universe, I already welcomed the desktop app, cross-game achievements are taking it even further in the direction of connecting their different worlds.

I have started reading websites and checking other people’s decks. The one I’m using at the moment isn’t very good, but I miss a few cards to make it better. I don’t have any arcane dust yet and I have no card to disenchant either. I’m gonna try to get a bit better with my sucky deck, then I’ll use what little gold I have to go to arenas in the hope of receiving dust or extra cards.