The Highlord’s Charger

Another thing I can scratch from my endless to-do list, I finally got the paladin class mount today. I’ve been trying to catch back on the entire Class Order Hall and Legionfall campaign, so I could begin the quest for this magnificent paladin mount.

With all the gating that happened in Legion, and all the different campaigns, trying to complete a quest chain in a natural order was practically impossible. If it were not for Wowhead, I’d probably still be searching on the left and on the right. Legion was a beautiful expansion, but completing the campaigns many years later makes me realize how huge it was. Well, I had a lot of fun, and finished a good chunk of content in the process. Next on my list is “The Underlight Angler” fishing artefact. I forsee lots of fishing in the upcoming days. Nat Pagle would be so proud.

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