Horror Movies

Amityville Terror

There I was sitting in my coach, excited to watch a creepy Amityville. Boy, was I wrong. The first five minutes I even thought that we got the wrong movie. It’s basically a cheap rip off of the original title.

In my opinion, they added the word “Amityville” to encourage people to watch. Poor acting, poor storyline, even more poorly CGI (my eyes are still bleeding), in short: poor everything. The only things I liked throughout the entire movie were Haileys’ crossbow and dirt bike.

Something that disturbed me greatly was the age of the actors. The mother, father, aunt, and daughter almost look like they all have the same age. It was hard for me to picture Hailey (daughter) as a schoolgirl while she clearly has the looks of a young adult. This fact only made the movie not credible from the beginning. Too often, it looked like they just picked up a camera, and made all up along the way. The scene where Hailey goes to some place with her loverboy, and starts shooting with her crossbow, just like that, no aim, no nothing. All I could think about was: stop that! You’re going to poke someones’ eye out.

Like I’ve said the movie was bad, but we’ve watched it until the end anyway. So, if you ever come across this title, just leave it under the rock from whence it came.

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