Hello, we are Soforah and Sardoken. We live in Brussels (it’s in Belgium) and we play a lot of RPGs, especially in video games. We also love fantasy, science-fiction and horror.

A few facts about us

  • Sardoken’s first language is french;
  • Soforah’s first language is dutch;
  • Sardoken has a master’s degree in Criminology;
  • Soforah has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Advertisement;
  • We both work in Finances;
  • We both work from home most of the time;
  • We don’t enjoy crowded places;
  • Italian food > other food;
  • We have a lot of food allergies;
  • Star Trek > Star Wars;
  • Voyager > Deep Space Nine > The Next Generation;
  • We’ve sold our souls to Apple;
  • Soforah enjoys crafting things, especially crochet;
  • We love building Lego together.