Don’t expect an Oscar winning masterpiece when you watch “Renfield”, it’s a chaotic fun with buckets of blood and lots of violence kind of movie. Both Nicholas Cage as Dracula and Nicholas Hoult as Renfield are superb with excellent acting and a dynamic master – servant relationship.

Cage is one of my favourite actors, despite his history of turning down non-leading roles in studio films, he signed on to play Dracula. It was a life-long dream of his to portray the legendary figure. He even had his teeth filed down in order to have a more natural-looking fit and better enunciation while wearing his Dracula prosthetics. The movie industry can be such a strange world.

When I read that “Renfield” is categorised as a comedy horror, I was afraid it would be another heavy movie with tedious jokes. I was wrong, the slapstick humour and over the top action stunts make this movie a joy to watch. It also seems like there’s a big come back to “gore” in movies lately, the ripping of body parts, dismemberment, tons and tons of blood… Definitely a must watch for fans of the genre, I love this stuff.

I’ve always been a sucker for aesthetics, Dracula’s lair for example was amazing. It was shot in the abandoned Charity Hospital in New Orleans. I don’t know how many blood bags have been used to create this scene, but I did read that to the left of his chair, there’s a pile of 75 semi-fresh bodies. There’s a room at the back with at least 150 fully decomposed bodies, and there’s a blood smear where Renfield had to drag them across the floor. A lot of work and creativity went into this, some people have such awesome jobs.

If you don’t go in with too many expectations, this movie is definitely a good choice for a fun popcorn evening.

Evil Dead Rise

Once more, the Book of the Dead has been opened and, once more, evil has taken possession of humans to bring chaos to this world. While the plot isn’t very different from the previous movies, the setting is. This time, except in the first scene, the cabin in the woods has been replaced by an old apartment from which people can’t escape.

The team in charge of the setting did an amazing job, the apartment where it all happens is amazing. Then, there’s Alyssa Sutherland, who delivers an absolutely stunning performance. The perfectly composed second wife of Ragnar in Vikings turns in one of the creepiest possessed woman I’ve ever seen! I’ll never see her with the same eyes again.

All the ingredients of a classic Evil Dead are there: relentless action, a fantastic casting, a ton of gore (6,500 liters of fake blood were used for the movie), an amazing soundtrack (the voice on the recording is none other than Bruce Campbell’s) and even a chainsaw.

Honestly, we didn’t expect it to be so good and, apparently, neither did the studio. The film was originally meant to release exclusively through HBOMax via direct-to-streaming, but it performed so strongly during test screenings that they decided to release it theatrically instead.

Definitely a top pick for a solid horror evening, even if you’re not a fan of the franchise.

Scream 6

I’m writing this post as I’m watching Wudijo‘s launch stream of Diablo 4 and it’s pretty hard to concentrate, so I asked ChatGPT to write “A 100 words positive review of Scream 6 without too many superlatives” and this is what it returned:

Scream 6 breathes new life into our beloved horror franchise, delivering an entertaining experience. The film masterfully blends the essence of the original movies with a fresh storyline that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

The performances are commendable, with the cast skillfully embodying their characters and adding depth to the narrative. The script is cleverly written, striking a balance between suspense and humor that keeps you engaged throughout.

The direction is top-notch, effectively building tension and delivering satisfying scares.

Scream 6 is a must-watch especially for a Saturday pop-corn & horror evening.

While it’s certainly less personal, it isn’t too far from what a human would write.

Did you know that…

Courtney Cox was the first cast member to sign up to return as Gale Weathers. She states that she did not hesitate to return because she loves playing Gale, and jokingly said that she’d even play her for free. She did her own stunts during Gale’s showdown with Ghostface and stated that it was her favorite scene because she got to really fight with Ghostface.

On the other hand, Neve Campbell refused to reprise her role as Sydney because she felt the offer that was presented to her did not equate to the value she brought to the franchise.

So, you can say what you want about Cox’s botoxed face, but she’s far more real than Campbell. Way to go, Courtney!


This movie has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I honestly can’t see why. Maybe I have a crappy taste in movies, but Polaroid was, in my opinion, a decent supernatural horror movie.

It was nice to see Mitch Pileggi (X-files) and Grace Zabriskie (Twin Peaks) in a recent release. All these years later Zabriskie still creeps me out with her scary dame look, no one can match her. 

The core of the movie is a string of deaths of young and ridiculously beautiful people (Madelaine Petsch, Keenan Tracey, Priscilla Quintana,…) who can’t avoid their ineluctable faith. I love this kind of subject, especially when they add a few jump scares. Apparently, this is the reason why the movie got flamed by the critics, too cliché. I don’t get it, I love the good old recipe for a horror movie. Young people get in trouble, they get killed by some supernatural being, what’s not to like?

Another thing I like about this movie is the concept of a haunted polaroid camera, get your picture taken and then die. I’ve always loved photography, and the nostalgia around polaroids kicked me in the feels. I know that the concept of haunted pictures has been used in many movies, but so are haunted houses, dolls, etc… what’s the big deal? (directing this question to those damned critics)

According to the trivia on imdB the main actress, Kathryn Prescott (Bird Fitcher) is a professional photographer in real life. Also, the couple Devin (Keenan Tracey) and Mina (Priscilla Quintana) were a real couple for a few years. I know, I know, I’m a sucker for gossip and trivia like this. My husbands’ love for soaps is rubbing off on me, I think.

Anyway, I think that Polaroid is a solid horror movie that kept me entertained until the end. So, do I recommend this? Absolutely! 


A robotics engineer at a toy company has to assume protective custody of her niece after both her parents died in a car crash. Overwhelmed, she uses one of her creations, a life-like doll, to help her in the task. (source: me. It doesn’t happen often but I sometimes write the synopsis myself)

A few reviewers compare the movie to Child’s Play but I disagree. M3GAN has nothing in common with Chucky, she isn’t evil, she’s an android trying to find her place in the world while protecting a little girl who, just like her, doesn’t have parents. To me, she’s more like the creature of Frankenstein, struggling in a world where she wasn’t born, but made.

It’s hard to tell what I enjoyed most in the movie, the ambiance is great, the casting is perfect and the rhythm of the movie is undisturbed by lengthy dramatic scenes. The result is a movie that may not entirely belong in the horror category, but that’s very entertaining nonetheless.

I couldn’t help but wonder, at the dawn of AI, if I’ll live long enough to see humans being helped in their households by autonomous androids… How will we integrate them in our society, like beings or like equipment?

Don’t Breathe 2

Hiding out for years in an isolated cabin, Norman Nordstrom has taken in and raised a young girl orphaned from a house fire. Their quiet existence is shattered when a group of kidnappers show up and take the girl, forcing Norman to leave his safe haven to save her. (IMDB)

The synopsis above could have been shorter: he’s blind, he’s a badass and they took his girl. 

I don’t think that the plot is really what matters in this kind of movies. All it takes is building enough rage in the public during the first phase of the movie, generally through injustice and heinous crimes. So, when the second phase finally comes, we welcome the bloody revenge. Don’t Breathe 2 delivers in both phases, and it feels really good when The Blind Man finally gets his turn.

Unlike the first movie, this sequel is definitely more about rescue and revenge than it is a real thriller. However Stephen Lang manages to show not only good action, but also some emotion.

Even if it is a bit less deep than the original, Don’t Breathe 2 is a good action movie with enough gore and brutality to fit a Saturday horror night.

Truth or Dare (2018)

A harmless game of Truth or Dare among friends turns deadly when someone – or something – begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare. (IMDB)

Once again, I don’t understand the bad critics. What did people expect? A slow movie with an hasbeen actress like Naomi Watts crying for hours because she’s tied up on a coach? A pretentious horror that ends up with a final battle staged like a musical? Don’t we have enough “critics” ass-licking movies already?

I love Blumhouse because they deliver exactly what I’m after: quality movies that don’t pretend to be more than what they are: good horror flicks for the Saturday night. Truth or Dare is a good movie with a good pitch and a solid casting. We were especially happy to see Tyler Posey again, since we haven’t seen much of him since Teen Wolf.

Just as in It Follows, ineluctability is the true evil. How you die doesn’t matter, what’s horrible is to know that it’s coming for you and that, no matter what, your turn is coming. Of course, people try to out run their cruel fate and that’s the best part of it, to see them try to survive like ants caught in a flood. So, run, cute teenagers and entertain us!

Hellfest (2018)

A masked serial killer turns a horror-themed amusement park into his own personal playground, terrorizing a group of friends while the rest of the patrons believe that it is all part of the show. (IMDB)

Couldn’t I write such a basic synopsis myself? Yes

Am I too lazy to do it? Yes

Is the movie related to the yearly Metal festival? No

Do we love Metal? Yes, enough with the questions! (who even asks questions to himself?)

We watched it on November 14th and I can’t remember much of it but it doesn’t matter because the story isn’t the strong point of a slasher movie (kids get scarred by a creepy killer, kids run and yell, kids die), what matters is the atmosphere and Hellfest has it right.

Two of the biggest deal breakers were avoided: the rhythm wasn’t slowed down by unnecessary drama and it wasn’t a psychological movie disguised as an horror flick.

Ok, just one last question: will I make an effort and try to post sooner, so I don’t forget half of the movie when I’m writing about it? Yes, I promise.

Summer of 84

After suspecting that their police officer neighbor is a serial killer, a group of teenage friends spend their summer spying on him and gathering evidence, but as they get closer to discovering the truth, things get dangerous. (IMDB)

There’s a reference to the eighties in the title? It’s an horror movie about kids investigating a murder? We don’t need much more to get hyped because both of us have grown up with movies like The Goonies and Stand by Me and nothing scratches that itch better than that new wave of retro everything that’s washing over us lately.

I don’t wanna start another trial of the modern days, but you must admit that the 80s and the 90s were two amazing decades ruled by creativity and freedom. A freedom that nowadays kids don’t even suspect could exist. But, that’s right, kids these days have so much more, right?! I easily forget the smartphones that keep you connected to your parents everywhere you go, fast food cinema like Marvel and triple A games that are super expensive and super boring (I’m not even a boomer, I’m Gen X). But I digress…

So, the setting is right but how’s the rest of the movie? Well, it’s fucking awesome! The cast is great, the vibe is perfect and the suspense kept us on the border of our seat the entire movie. Special thumbs up to Tiera Skovbye, who also plays the sister of Betty in Riverdale.

Even the poster art is awesome:

Something I really enjoy to do when I write these posts is reading trivias. So here are two good ones from on IMDB:

Cruel Summer by Bananarama plays while they are riding their BMXs. Exactly the same positioning in the Karate Kid with Daniel LaRusso riding his BMX to the same track. A cool nod considering it was released in the Summer of 84.

When the boys are in the clubhouse talking about Nikki, Tommy is seen drinking a bottle of MacReady’s Whiskey. This is a nod to The Thing (1982) where Kurt Russell’s character, R.J. MacReady, drinks J&B Scotch Whiskey at different points in the movie.

Voilà, so if, like us, you love eighties and movies like The Goonies, go watch it. Now!

Shady Grove (2022)

For once, the bad reviews were correct. We usually like horror movies that have been massacred by critics, but Shady Grove deserved the low ratings it got by its’ merciless audience.

First of all, the actors looked like they were there against their will. Every line felt weird and awkward, each scene seemed painful, and there was a huge lack of chemistry between the characters. 

My overall impression of the movie is that one day somebody had an idea for a story, but had no clue what to do with it. That’s probably why the movie is so disliked, and will, over time, disappear into oblivion. Seriously, I couldn’t even find any interesting facts or trivia, that alone is rare.

It may have been a pathetic attempt in creating a horror film, but it wasn’t bad enough to stop before the end. All the cringy WTF moments are what kept us entertained. While it made us laugh, I would never watch this again, neither recommend it.

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