It’s a Diablo Blizzcon!

I’m in Heaven right now and I’ll probably be for a few years. Yes, you read well: YEARS! Diablo 2, the game that ruined my first university years but made the rest of my life better is about to be “resurrected”. Even better, it’ll be released on or before December 2021, which instantly makes this year a great one, filled with news, hype and a huge countdown.

We’ve watched the Diablo II: Resurrected Deep Dive panel and it seems that the remaster is in very capable hands. The folks at Vicarious Visions are very committed to bring Diablo 2 to modern days graphics while keeping the experience as close as possible to the original. Also, we get a shared stash!

The new Diablo 4 class, the Rogue, was announced and it looks amazing, with a mix of range and melee attacks. The trailer is pretty dark, which is a good thing. Diablo 4 development is moving on and it feels great to know that there are so many great things ahead for the Diablo fans.

As if it wasn’t great enough, Blizzard had Metallica perform “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in a studio version exclusively recorded for the Blizzcon.

Oh, I almost forgot, something was said about Diablo Immortal but I didn’t really pay attention. While My initial attitude toward it was pure hate, I think that I’ll probably give it a try anyway but, even if it’s amazing, I doubt that it’ll change my attitude toward phone games.

We’ve spent the morning listening to Metallica and we’ll probably spend the rest of the day playing Diablo 3 and watching all the Diablo panels from the Blizzcon. Life is better than good!

Blizzconline – My Wishlist

The online Blizzcon begins tonight.

What would make me ecstatic:

  • Diablo 2 remastered is announced and will be released later this year;
  • Diablo 4 will soon enter closed alpha;
  • We get to see the trailer of the Netflix Diablo show.

What I would consider “acceptable”:

  • Diablo 2 remastered is announced but no date is given;
  • Diablo 4 will enter closed alpha by the end of the year;
  • We get to see some concept art from the Netflix Diablo show.

What is probably gonna be happen:

  • Diablo Immortal will be released in June.

Warcraft Movie Presentation

Have I ever been this glad to have bought a virtual ticket for the Blizzcon this year! So many new announcements from Overwatch to the first Warcraft movie to the Documentary LFG,… I feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster this weekend. My geek batteries are reloading 😀

Anyway, the thing I wanted to talk about in this post is the “Presentation of the Warcraft movie”. I’ve really been looking forward to this and I can tell you that now I’m even more excited for the release than before! The panel was so passionate about the movie, about WoW and its’ world. I was having goosebumps and tears of joy in my eyes at the same time. It’s so great to hear that people that passionate and with so much love for the game are working on this project!

And I’m not only talking about Chris Metzen or Duncan Jones,… even the actors that play in it. When they first announced that Travis Fimmel from Vikings (awesome TV-show!) was a part of the cast, I couldn’t believe my ears. And the good news just kept rolling in. From Clancy Brown (original voice of Thrall) to Robert Kazinsky who, by the way, made quite an entrance on stage with Doomhammer on his shoulder. He explained how much he’s a huuuuge WoW fanatic (DK, 500 days played *respect*) and how much he wanted to play in the Warcraft movie. His imitation of the “Orc walk” still makes me laugh and added to the inflaming excitement that has been the overall vibe of the Blizzcon this year.


Having heard the panel talk about how amazing it was to walk through Stormwind for “real”, seeing its’ message board, mailboxes,… all coming to life make me want to do only one thing: let’s play even more and let’s play it now! Laters ;p

Looking For Group

We’ve just watched the documentary about World of Warcraft and I don’t think that I can make a very decent post about it. Not that I didn’t like it, I LOVED it. I can’t write anything at the moment so much it made me emotional. Sometimes I forget how huge and how great WoW is, sometimes I forget who are the people behind it or how many people around the world are touched by it… This documentary shows it all in an hour, not only does it refill my geek batteries, it makes them overload! I have fight to write this post while it’s still warm instead of jumping back into Azeroth and go live awesome adventures with Soforah (who’s just doing the same beside me).

This year, we’ve bought a new apartment and if anyone knows something about prices of new constructions in a capital city, they’ll know that adding a second room is really something expensive. Yet, we did it, not because we want to make kids, but because we wanted a dedicated room to live our passion to its fullest.
Watching this documentary makes me realize how right we were, because WoW isn’t a just a game, it’s an experience that rewards your dedication with fun and unforgettable remembrances.

This documentary is a collection of great moments in the timeline of WoW, and it made me realize how emotionally connected I am with the game. I’ll download this video and I’ll keep it on my cloud so I can watch it anytime I need to be reminded how cool our world is. Meanwhile, here is a little gallery of my favorite moments:

More treasure goblins!

We’re slowly getting back to a normal gaming schedule. Actually, this week-end is our first real gaming week-end since we’ve moved to Brussels, and it’s Blizzcon week-end… Exactly what we needed to get us back to our geeky selves after this horribly long period of real life crap.

For the second time in a row, the panel that got me the most excited is the one about Diablo 3. Of course, I’m baffled about the idea of Blizzard making an FPS (I love FPSs), and I’m super excited about the WoW movie, but little things like more treasure goblins and quality of life improvements in Sanctuary really get me hyped for the patches to come.

Blizzcon isn’t over, there is still so many things to watch (including Metallica) that this 4 days week-end at home is turning into pure heaven for Soforah and me…