Fuck Meta

The tone they use in their emails, amazing!

As if I needed more reasons to stay away from Facebook or Meta or whatever, I now receive emails blackmailing me to create a Meta account if I want to continue using my Oculus VR set.

I wish that I could write a polite post explaining why I won’t do it, but the temptation is too great, I can’t resist, aahhhhh – Zuckerberg can kiss my ass! He and his company can go suck a fuck, I won’t let them make me their bitch!

Apparently, the risk of premature death is higher among individuals with Tourette syndrome (mortality rate ratio, 1.63) according to a study. But, when facing assholes, being vulgar feels so good, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I’ll probably switch to Valve Index, but I’m still holding back for a wireless version. If the wait gets too long, I’ll eventually cave in and purchase one.

The Night Before

Xmas cheesiness makes me wanna say “fuck” all the time

Let’s eat too much food, stay up late watching movies and enjoy our gifts – I got the feeling that not even Chinese health concerns could keep Santa from getting us what we asked (because we’ve been so fucking nice).

In the unlikely event that someone else would read this post before Christmas is over: we wish you a good one!


Witness my awesome editing skills!

We had a good time watching Wednesday… Jenna Ortega is great in her role, even if, let’s be honest, the real star of the show is The Thing.

If I can nitpick (again, sorry): Gomez is a bit overacted, Morticia loves life too much, Wednesday isn’t murderous enough and the dance scene is cringe as fuck. However Gwendoline Christie is perfect, as always.

Let’s just say that Wednesday is Tim Burton’s vision of The Addams Family, crossed with Scoobidoo.

Downgrade of the Dragon

House of the Dragon is a great show and we’ve enjoyed watching it in our Christmas-decorated living room.

Unfortunately, we both have been very disappointed by the actor swap after the fifth episode. Replacing Milly Alcock by Emma d’Arcy was the biggest downgrade they could have possibly done. Milly Alcock is atypical and beautiful, she created a real sexual tension between her and Daemon. Emma d’Arcy is common, tasteless and asexual (in the show and in reality).

I’m certain that Milly Alcock could have perfectly portrayed an older Rhaenyra. However, if they absolutely wanted to replace her because of the time jump, they could have casted another actress than Emma d’Arcy, whom I believe was among the worst possible choices.

SPOILER: The actress swap ruined the sex scene on the beach. But, hey, it’s not like we were waiting for it SINCE THE FUCKING FIRST EPISODE!

I also think that Emily Carey shouldn’t have been replaced, she was a better queen Alicent than Olivia Cooke and the difference of age appearance is negligible.

Beside the mid-season casting changes, we love the show and we’re impatiently waiting for the second season (even if it’ll apparently take two years, sigh).


No need to use IMDB for this one: Two sexy girls meet a clown and his bag full of weapons.

We went in blight, with absolutely no idea of what to expect and, oh boy, we haven’t been disappointed. The story is… Well, there isn’t much of a story. However, there is gore. We spent half the movie laughing and the other half with a OMG expression on our faces.

Art makes the clown of IT look like a Disney character. I’m not joking, this is what a creepy clown should look like and this is what horror should be: no psychological plot and that kind of crap… Pure horror with guts, blood and sexy girls.

David Howard Thornton was the 6th person who auditioned for Art The Clown. During the audition he began miming tasting his beheaded victim’s blood but then added salt to it to improve its flavour. This is what won him the role. (IMDB)

This is a return for Art the Clown, as he was previously used by the same director (Damien Leone) in the film “All Hallows Eve”. Also, there’s a Terrifier 2. It feels like an horror fan’s early Christmas gift!

Tis The Season

The best time of the year has officially started. It’s a very busy time for us, we have so many movies and TV shows to watch that, just like last year, we had to create a spreadsheet.

We have built a few new Lego ornaments for our tree and two small trees for our desks. But the greatest new piece is the Christmas train (featured picture). It isn’t complete yet, we’re taking our time, building it while watching the TV Show The Santa Clauses, which is surprisingly good.

We won’t have much time to post in the coming weeks but we’ll try to catch back later. Meanwhile, enjoy the season, get fat, spoil yourselves and have fun.

Hellraiser 2022

A take on Clive Barker’s 1987 horror classic where a young woman struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites. (IMDB)

The second movie of our Halloween evening was a blast and probably our favourite of the franchise.

Changing the cenobites to female characters probably made more than a few fans angry but I love it. Jamie Clayton (The Priest) and Selina Lo (The Gasp) managed to breath new life into their characters while remaining twisted and super creepy.

Doug Bradley, who originated the role of the Hell Priest/Lead Cenobite/Pinhead, had this to say about Jamie Clayton’s take in a Twitter post: “I’m a bit blown away by this! The clever re-design of the make-up; the shimmer of the “pin heads”; the palette; whatever that keyhole/locket/tracheotomy thing is at the throat. It’s simple, subtle, disturbing and sexy. Everything it should be.”

The new cenobites aren’t the only change I enjoyed… To be honest, I never really enjoyed the hell dimension and I was very happy to see a Hellraiser movie happening in our reality.

The plot was excellent and managed to keep us on the border of our seat during the entire movie. David Bruckner did a fantastic job bringing an 80s classic to this era.

Halloween Ends

Four years after the events of last year’s Halloween Kills, Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson and is finishing writing her memoir. Michael Myers hasn’t been seen since. Laurie, after allowing the specter of Michael to determine and drive her reality for decades, has decided to liberate herself from fear and rage and embrace life. But when a young man, Corey Cunningham, is accused of killing a boy he was babysitting, it ignites a cascade of violence and terror that will force Laurie to finally confront the evil she can’t control, once and for all. (source: IMDB)

Once more, we don’t agree with the critics. I had read so many bad things about this movie that I was almost afraid to watch it. While it’s not perfect, it was a nice entry in the franchise and, most importantly, we had a great time watching it.

What we didn’t like: Definitely Jamie Lee Curtis. I know that Laurie vs Jason is pretty much the core of this new trilogy, so she had to be in its final episode, but it’s time that both the actress and the character take a break from the franchise, forever! She’s boring, heavy and kind of disruptive of a nice plot.

What we liked: The romance between Allyson and Corey. Both characters are great and their story is amazing. It was so good that it could have been a movie on its own.

In the end, the mix of the “Laurie & Jason” story with the “Allyson & Corey” romance gave a nice rhythm to the movie. It’s definitely not as good as the original, but it’s much better than Halloween kills. I’m glad that this trilogy could receive a proper ending.

It’s Fucking Halloween!

Being horror fans, Halloween has always been a special day for us. We decorate our table, we eat Soforah’s infamous pumpkin pastas and we watch horror movies.

This year, we’ll watch Halloween Ends (which is very scary, not because of the horror, but because of the extremely bad reviews), followed by the new Hellraiser.

When you celebrate Halloween in a country like Belgium, where barely anyone decorates his house and no trick or treating is going on in the streets, you can’t help but feel lonely. That’s why I’ll be playing Caroline Kornstar’s Lonely Halloween until our ears bleed, because something has to bleed on Halloween, right?!

Sinister (2012)

A controversial true crime writer finds a box of super 8 home movies in his new home, revealing that the murder case he is currently researching could be the work of an unknown serial killer whose legacy dates back to the 1960s. (Source: IMDB)

There’s almost no blood and no gore in Sinister. In fact, the movie could have been rated PG13, wasn’t it for the nature of its content, which is often being deemed the scariest movie ever made. As a matter of fact, Forbes Magazine conducted a study where the heart rate of the viewers were monitored while they watched a number of horror films. Out of 35 films, this movie won, having the highest average heart rate at 86, spiking at 131BPM.

Of course, whether a movie is scary or not is entirely subjective. Soforah and I didn’t have many jump scares. However, we found the ambiance disturbing, almost as if you’re actually watching a snuff movie. The fact that a real super 8 camera was used to shoot the kill clips really helps creating a creepy atmosphere. The soundtrack is also a perfect fit, I especially enjoy the song “Gyroscope” by Scottish electric band Boards of Canada.


The family that was hanged on a tree were all played by stuntmen, however when the scene was first done the stunt coordinator botched the preparations for the scene resulting in the actors being legitimately hanged and choked. Fortunately they survived, and the coordinator was fired soon after. (IMDB)

Do you wanna know how to easily identify which snakes are non-venomous? Do the rhyme, “Red on yellow, dangerous fellow. Red on black, friend of Jack.” The snake that is seen in the movie is a non-venomous King snake.

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