Underlight Angler – Edition 2020

As Soforah and I are in the process of swapping main characters, we are working toward a few goals from past expansions, like getting Legion’s fishing artifact.

I didn’t expect to find so many people still fishing for the Fisherfriends reputations. Not only is it very easy to find people to fish with but, Sunday, we were part of a 40-man raid for Margoss.

Legion was amazing for fishing and so many people are still enjoying it, many years later. So, why not creating more content for fishing?

Lately, First Aid has been removed and nothing has been done for Archaeology or Fishing. It’s time that Blizzard gives a bit more love to the secondary professions.

Our fisherfriends

During our last holidays, we worked hard to bring our druids up to date with the latest content. Among our goals was “Fisherfriends of the Isles”.

We’ve spent more or less two hours a day fishing in raids to become best friends with each of these guys…

Our favourites were Suramar (because it was incredibly fast) and Val’Shara (because the raid was gigantic – more than 40 horde players and 20 allys).

We’re so glad that Blizzard has implemented more fishing activities and I hope that they’ll continue in the next expansions.

One macro to swap equipment

I’ve never found a tutorial about creating a macro that could swap my combat gear with my fishing gear and back. That’s why I’ve decided to write my own. Even better, I’ve tried something completely new to me: I made a video.

After weeks of learning how to use OBS and Sony Vegas with my camera and my microphone, I thought that the time had finally come to make my first video. You’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think in the comments… My apologies if I sound a bit nervous or if I repeat myself a few times, but it’s pretty much the first time that I speak in front of a camera.

The macro I use:

/equipset [worn:Fishing Poles] PVE;Fishing

I hope that you will find it useful. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be glad to answer.

Unlocking the Fishing Perks

So, you have unlocked your fishing artifact… You have, right?! If you still need to know why you should do it, have a look at this video by Hazelnuttygames. Not only is it the most beautiful fishing pole in the game but, if you unlock its perks, you will be rewarded with a amazing abilities like water walking. How can you unlock its perks? By fishing, duh!

You have to continue fishing those same rare fish you caught to unlock the artifact (as described in Soforah’s post).

I guess that everybody has his own favorite fishing spot, so let me share mine.

Where to go

When it comes to catching a maximum of rare fish in a minimum of time, I always go close to Valdisdall, in a place called Ashild’s Bay. Not only is it filled with Stormray schools, but it also is pretty calm when it comes to hostile mobs.

What to do

  1. Use an Arcane Lure and fish in Fevers of Stormrays until you get an Ancient Vrykul Ring;
  2. Use the ring which will allow you to fish in Oodelfjiskenpools;
  3. Try to catch as many Oodelfjisk as you can. The pool won’t disappear until the end of the buff from the ring;
  4. Don’t forget to keep an Arcane Lure up, even when you fish for Oodelfjisk, the Ancient Vrykul Ring can drop from these pools as well. It will allow you to continue fishing from the pool without having to go back to the Fevers of Stormrays to get a new ring.

This is how many Oodelfjisk I usually catch during the 6 minutes of the Ancient Vrykul Ring buff.

The perks

If you plan on following this technique, you shouldn’t put any point in Stormray Angling. At least, until you’re done with collecting all the rare fish you need to unlock your artifact completely.

Stormray Angling will allow you to fish an entire school of Stormrays in one cast, preventing you from getting any Ancient Vrykul Ring. I had put 3 points in that perk and I couldn’t get a single ring anymore.

If you have already attributed points to that perk, you can have your artifact talents reset (and your ressource refund) by the same NPC who already does it for your other artifacts, at your class order hall. Unfortunately, it’ll cost you 750 artifact power.

You can put your points in any perk, just not Stormray Angling.

Arcane Lures

The most efficient way to stock up on Arcane Lure is to find a fishing raid through the premade tool.

More people will fish Mark of Aquaos, which will allow you to fish more Drowned Mana. Also, fishing raids are fun, you can finally group up with people in a relax environment.

Finally, you can then exchange your Drowned Mana to Margoss for pets, toys, mounts, reputation and Arcane Lure.

VoilĂ , I hope that it will help you unlock all the perks of this awesome fishing artifact.

Underlight Angler

One of the things I love to do in World of Warcraft is “Fishing”. So, when they told me there would be a fishing artifact for Legion, I was absolutely thrilled. The only thing that worried me a little bit were the rumours about how hard it was to get it and that it required an insane amount of fishing. None of that was true!

Already while leveling, I was quite curious to see that famous floating island northwest of Dalaran and our new fishing hero named Conjurer Margos. I directly fished up a fair amount of Drowned Mana on the island to buy “Arcane Lure” from Margos and used that everytime I went fishing.

With the “Arcane Lure” active, you can catch rare bait that grants you a buff in order to catch the rare fish which are needed for the achievement “Bigger Fish to Fry”. What normally should have been a so called long and painful process, was actually a pretty fast and fun way to complete this achievement. Most of the rare baits just give a two minute buff, but some were pretty special and added a funny note to the usual fishing experience.

Once you’ve reached level 110 and completed the “Bigger Fish to Fry” achievement, you can fish up a Luminous Pearl. This pearl can only be caught in pools and will start the quest chain to obtain the fishing artifact. Follow its instructions and head over to Khadgar (Dalaran), he’ll give you the quest “The Dalaran Fountain”, which sends you to Marcia Chase. Once you turn this in, a pearl will appear in the fountain.

Normally, Nat Pagle should appear and offer you the “Fish Frenzy” quest. Note that he might not show up straight (with me he didn’t), after a quick relog and waiting for a minute, he’ll finally appear near the fountain. Accept the quest he gives, it’ll bring you into a three step scenario located on an island infested with murlocs. This scenario is pretty short, but real fun.

I won’t spoil anything, not to ruin the experience. Once you’re done with the scenario, you’ll be sent back to Marcia Chase and she’ll award you with the Underlight Angler!

Now, the real fishing in Legion can begin! You can upgrade the artifact by catching the same rare fish as for “Bigger Fish to Fry”. These rare fish will stop giving fishing xp from now on and will give artifact power instead. Also, don’t do like me and head out to your class order hall for upgrading this epic fishing pole! The artefact forge is the pearl at the Dalaran fountain. There, you can upgrade your pole.

Fishing certainly became more interesting in this expansion. I haven’t started upgrading my “Underlight Angler” yet. I wonder how long it will take.

Meanwhile, happy fishing!