We found footage fans are a rare breed. We all fully admit that most of these movies are extremely badly rated and scare off most horror fans. Unlike most movies of this genre, this one is exceptional, different, and fun! The actor (Joseph Winter) who portrays the main character Shawn is also the writer and director of “Deadstream”.

The film centres on a streamer that wants to make his big come back after a long ban from social media by visiting a haunted house. The most scary part of the movie is the beginning, even though I wouldn’t really call it scary since the actor looks like a not-so-serious and likeable dude. The further the story develops, the more gore and the more fun it becomes. 

They obviously didn’t use the big CGI galore like most movies nowadays, but went for the puppet / costume option in stead. The movie feels like a modern world concept that adopted the 80’s style horror genre. It reminds me a lot of The Evil Dead in many ways. 

A perfect B-movie, fun and entertaining. Highly recommended, even for people who dislike found footage films.



Teens go on a trip to the woods, and all goes horrifically wrong. Add the found footage theme to this, and a perfect recipe for a horror movie is created.

This movie has it all, the jump scares, the plot, the pacing of the story, even the big foot costume was excellent. I’ve stayed on the border of my seat throughout the entire movie. Somehow you know that most (if not all) of them are going to die, yet you can’t stop wondering who’s going to be next.

I also love the Big Foot theme which is, to my surprise, rarely used in horror movies. Apparently, the director, Eduardo Sanchez, is half of the genius behind The Blair Witch Project. Seeing the quality of the story, this doesn’t surprise me.

All in all, Exists is one of the best found footage movies I’ve seen so far. Another one that convinced me not to go to remote woods at night, you never know what lurks in the shadows over there!


If there’s one thing that is certain about Sasquatches (even more than their existence) it’s that you can’t reason with them. If one day, you’d unwillingly provoke them, there’s no need to apologies, they don’t care. All they want is revenge and you’d better run fast. (source: me, I watch a lot of movies)

Seriously, I love Bigfoot movies. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough good ones. Exists is probably the best of them.

The Sasquatch is relentless, unforgiving and absolutely brutal. The movie starts with the introduction of the characters, but doesn’t waste time. Once the action begins, it doesn’t stop, from one gruesome scene to the next.

Oh, and if you would ever happen to stumble upon a Bigfoot, just bring back a DNA sample, there is a lot of people out there who need to confirm its existence (so they can continue to sell goodies in their tourist shops).

Devil’s Pass

Most people think that this movie is some kind of documentary about “The Dyatlov Pass Incident“. I’ve watched it last night and therefore I can confirm that it’s an horror movie inspired by the incident that took place in 1959 and not an actual documentary. The movie is about 5 students that go to the location of the infamous incident. To make a documentary but, as you can guess, things go horribly wrong.

From the day that “The Blair Witch Project” was released, I’ve been loving found-footage horror. “Devil’s Pass” is quite a gem in this genre. The beautiful snowy landscapes, the sudden plot twists, the shooting, the building ambience, and an unexpected ending. All is there for a perfect Saturday horror night.

It also got me interested in the real incident, and made me wonder what really happend there 58 years ago… I guess we’ll never know.

Grave Encounters 2

A film student gets obsessed with the original movie “Grave Encounters” and decides to visit the abandoned asylum with his friends.

Grave Encounters 2 certainly doesn’t equal his predecessor, but it still remains a decent horror movie with a few jump scares.

Like you may already have guessed, the whole trip goes south and ends up in a complete nightmare. If you’re a fan of urban exploration gone wrong, you surely will like this found footage horror film.

The Gallows

Twenty years after a horrific accident during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy – but soon discover that some things are better left alone. – IMDb

Well, what can I say? The Gallows is bad, really bad. So bad, we’ve skipped it after 15 minutes which makes it hard to say anything relevant about his one. Shelved and never to watch again!