You’re Killing Me

A student desperately hoping to get a letter of recommendation to an elite university from the wealthy parents of her classmate, invites herself to his ‘Heaven and Hell’ party which turns into a nightmare.

When it comes to movies where teenagers go on a rampage and start slaughtering one and other, I’m all in. While the movie was entertaining enough, all I could say to describe it is “meh”.

I understand that the main character, Eden, was quite desperate to get a letter of recommendation, but she was pestering her classmate so much, it was cringe. The characters were unlikable, there wasn’t one I wished would be the final girl. Not to mention the bad writing, I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes throughout the entire movie. At least it only lasted 1h 34m, and with the action packed scenes, it remained entertaining enough to keep me awake.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure, I’d still give it a shot (just don’t expect too much), but I would never re-watch it.

It Follows

What would you do if you were followed by an entity that slowly walks toward you and kills you when it reaches you, no matter where you go? It cannot be stopped nor killed. The only way to get rid of it is to pass it on to someone by having sex with him/her, like a twisted game of “tag”.

This movie was one of our favorite horror movies of the last decade, and I can’t believe that we never wrote anything about it… The plot is amazing and the casting is excellent. It has a great vibe and a sense of dread that is felt almost immediately.

The characters are not the usual horror idiot that makes you think “why didn’t they do this or that…”. They address the danger as real people would, they’re not magically filled with some convenient insight and they’re not face-palmingly idiotic, either.

It was already a rerun, and we’ll probably watch it again, some day.

Spontaneous (2020)

Imagine this: you’re sitting in a classroom, falling asleep on the monotonous tone of your teacher’s voice when the girl in front of you suddenly explodes, for absolutely no reason. Later, another kid from school follows the same fate, then another and you might be next.

There’s something incredibly creepy in waiting for a death that may or may not come, in an hour or in a day. Ineluctability is one of human’s greatest fear. When each moment might be the last, everything has to happen now, especially love.

We were afraid to watch a modern teen romantic comedy. Fortunately, the movie didn’t become over corny, probably thanks to the excellent performance of Katherine Langford (13 reasons why) who’s mostly portraying very unlucky teens. I wish that she’d never age, so she could save many more teen movies.

We’ve Watched Buffy

VoilĂ , we’ve finally seen the last episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer…

When it first came out, in the 90s, I refused to watch it. Sarah Michelle Gellar was just too much of those blondes we loved to hate during the grunge time. She looked like a Paris Hilton with a brushing. I always wondered why she wore high heels and was dressed as if she was walking her puddle in the streets of New York… If you have to spend your nights in a graveyard, waiting for vampires to rise, wouldn’t you want to dress accordingly?

But, since last year, we try to catch back on those pieces of pop culture that we might have missed because of made up ideas, and Buffy was one of them.

Let’s be honest, on seven seasons, only three are good (1, 2 & 7), the rest goes from total garbage to barely watchable. Most of the actors can’t act and I’m not surprised that we haven’t seen them anywhere else. Also, even if the show is about slaying vampires, it seems that the entire plot revolves around Buffy falling in love with (and shagging) them (as depicted in the image above).

But, even if we wanted to stop watching the show many times, especially when it takes 3 full episodes for her mother to die (oops spoiler, sorry), I’m glad that we made it until the end. Buffy is a monument in fantastic and pop culture and it kept us entertained during many evening dinners. Now, let’s see what Angel is about…

The Package

When a bunch of teens go camping, one drunk dude cut off his own dick by accident. His friends have 24 hours to hike back to civilization and bring the missing body part to a hospital where it will be re-attached to its owner.

This movie is as dumb as its synopsis sounds, but we didn’t have a bad time watching it. Definitely not a good pick if you’re looking for something with depth.