Horror Movies

You’re Killing Me

A student desperately hoping to get a letter of recommendation to an elite university from the wealthy parents of her classmate, invites herself to his ‘Heaven and Hell’ party which turns into a nightmare.

When it comes to movies where teenagers go on a rampage and start slaughtering one and other, I’m all in. While the movie was entertaining enough, all I could say to describe it is “meh”.

I understand that the main character, Eden, was quite desperate to get a letter of recommendation, but she was pestering her classmate so much, it was cringe. The characters were unlikable, there wasn’t one I wished would be the final girl. Not to mention the bad writing, I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes throughout the entire movie. At least it only lasted 1h 34m, and with the action packed scenes, it remained entertaining enough to keep me awake.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure, I’d still give it a shot (just don’t expect too much), but I would never re-watch it.

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