Asleep in the Deep

Mastodon is probably the best prog-metal band in the world and, among Mastodon’s albums, Once More ‘Round the Sun is our favourite. Not only has the band a load of amazing songs, they also have fantastic videos and our favourite is Asleep in the Deep. It’s the epic journey of an ordinary house cat who meanders into a demonic catacomb filled with dark lord bullfrogs, terrifying rat kings and a brave warrior squirrel.

The clip’s co-director/conceptualist Skinner (who’s also the cover artist for the 2014 LP) said:
“This concept was birthed out of my curiosity about what a cat really does at night while we are asleep,” Skinner says in a statement. “Where do they go? Cats have a very mysterious myth to them and I thought it would be cool to explore that, as little nocturnal heroes. I decided to put a sort of Joseph Campbell hero myth spin on it and add some Jodorowsky psychedelia as well. I’m more than excited about the way it came out! I love it!”. (source: RollingStone)

Well, we love it too. As a matter of fact, it is our favourite video-clip ever!

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