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El Camino

This post is heavy on Breaking Bad spoilers. If you haven’t seen the show yet (how’s life under a rock, by the way?), you may wanna keep it for later.

So, Breaking Bad ended on Jesse driving away from the compound where he was held captive. At that point, we know that Walter is dead and that his final plan consisted in wiping out the people who stole his money.

To be honest, I was already happy with that end. But, since we’re fans of the show (enough to watch it several times), we had to see the movie. We watched it despite an horrible trailer that mislead us into thinking that El Camino would be a two hours psychological drama about Jesse. Never trust a trailer!

The movie takes on directly where the show left us. Jesse is the public enemy number one and he must find a way to escape Albuqerque. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any money and disappearing costs a lot…

El Camino is a two hours grand finale that passes as fast as each episode and left us with the feeling that the show had reached the perfect end it deserved.

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