Friday afternoon, I was talking with my workmate about Doom (it’s ok to slack when it’s almost week-end). Normally, we don’t play the same games, he’s a Playstation guy and I’m a PC gamer. Although, the discussion shifted to something we both have in common: our first contact with the Doom franchise. We both bought our first PC to play Doom II, it was a 486DX2 66Mhz with a Soundblaster 16. I believe that this story is common to a lot of gamers of my generation‚Ķ

So, when it comes to playing Doom, it’s more than just launching the latest shooter, it’s almost religious. That’s why I didn’t play it earlier, I never found the right week-end to give it the time it deserved. Now that things were finally more quiet, I finally could jump in my space-marine suit and travel to Mars.

As usual, I’m not gonna review the game. All I can say is that the latest Doom is, to me, the crown-jewel of the serie. I love the way you can customize your gameplay by enhancing your weapons and your armor. The mini-challenges to get the runes were also a blast. The weapon I had the most fun with was the heavy assault rifle, equipped with the scope. Omg, demon heads have popped!

While Mars is already amazing, Hell was where I had the most fun. The landscapes are gorgeous and, like my workmate says: “now, we’re going to the party!”.

I’m very happy about the arcade mode because I’m not nearly done with this game!