Horror Movies

The Bye Bye Man

There’s a demon who listens and if he hears his name, he curses you. At that moment, you go crazy, you see things where there are none and become so paranoid that you eventually end up murdering people.

The first thing that bothers me, and I don’t want to overthink it, is the demon’s name. You’d think that wherever the entity hangs out on his free time, his buddies would tell him that his name is pretty lame. Do you imagine: “Good morning Belzebuth. Good morning to you, Azmodeus. Hey, how are you doing today, The Bye Bye Man?”. That’s the lamest demon name ever!

If the rhythm of the movie would have been better and the secret cursed word less ridiculous, it could have been a good horror movie. Unfortunately, The Bye Bye Man is awfully slow, there’s way too much dialogues between the few scenes that actually matter. It’s too bad, because the idea was pretty good.

So, at first, there was The Bye Bye Man. But then my eyes were closing and all that was left was the Night Night Man, and it was me. Even Carrie-Anne Moss’ usual great acting couldn’t keep me awake.

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