Diablo 3 Leveling Guides

On this page, you can find the build to speed up your D3 leveling.


0!!!*SEE: D3 Leveling Process if you’re confused.
*Start Adventure mode in HARD.
*Follower: Hire Templar, then steal his weapon!
1(L)Fists of Thunder
2(R)Lashing Tail Kick
4(1)Blinding Flash
6(L)Fists of Thunder – Thunderclap
7(R)Lashing Tail Kick – Vulture Claw Kick
8!!!Craft a level 8 2H Axe
9(2)Dashing Strike
10(P1)Fleet Footed
12(1)Blinding Flash – Self Reflection
13(1)Exploding Palm
13(P1)Exalted Soul
14(3)Cyclone Strike
15(R)Lashing Tail Kick – Sweeping Armada
15(2)Dashing Strike – Way of the Falling Star
17(L)Crippling Wave – Mangle
18(1)Exploding Palm – Flesh is Weak
19(4)Mantra of Salvation (auto)
20(P2)Chant of Resonance
21(3)Cyclone Strike – Eye of the Storm
21(4)Mantra of Retribution
25(R)Wave of Light – Explosive Light
25(1)Exploding Palm – Strong Spirit
27(1)Mystic Ally – Water Ally
28(3)Blinding Flash – Replenishing Light
28(4)Mantra of Retribution – Retaliation
30(P3)Seize the Initiative
30!!!The “Final Build”
(L) Crippling Wave – Mangle
(R) Wave of Light – Explosive Light
(1) Mystic Ally – Water Ally
(2) Dashign Strike – Falling Star
(3) Blinding Flash – Replenishing Light
(4) Mantra of Retribution – Retaliation
(P1) Exalted Soul
(P2) Chant of Resonance
(P3) Seize the Initiatvie
I RECOMMEND binding mousewheel to move, TRUST ME.
35(4)Mantra of Conviction – Overawe
38(4)Mantra of Healing – Circular Breathing
39(1)Mystic Ally – Air Ally
46(3)Sweeping Wind – Inner Storm
57(R)Wave of Light – Pillar of the Ancients
61!!!Craft a level 61 2H Axe

Witch Doctor

LevelSlotSkill & Notes
1!!!Start in Adventure (HARD) 
Steal your Templar’s weapon then Hire him, haha.
1(L)Poison Dart (auto)
2(R)Grasp of dead (auto)
4(1)Zombie Dogs (auto)
6(L)Poison Dart – Splinters
9(2)Soul Harvest (auto)
10(P1)Jungle Fortitude
11(R)Firebats – Direbats
12(1)Zombie Dogs – Rabid Dogs
14(3)Zombie Charger (auto) change to Soul Harvest
15(3)Soul Harvest- Swallow Your Soul
16!!!Craft 2H Axe – and check often if there’s a new one.
16(P1)Gruesome Feast
18(2)Haunt – Consuming Spirit
19(4)Gargantuan (auto)
20(P2)Spiritual Attunement
21!!!Leoric Reminder! Go back to campaign and kill him!
21(3)Soul Harvest – Siphon
22(4)Gargantuan – Humongoid
23(2)Haunt – Resentful Spirits
24(P1)Zombie Handler
27(R)Locust Swarm – Pestilence
27(P2)Pierce the Veil
30(P3)Fetish Sycophant
32(3)Soul Harvest – Languish
39(3)Soul Harvest – Soul to Waste
40(1)Zombie Dogs – Burning Dogs
45(P1)Fierce Loyalty
48(2)Haunt – Poisoned Spirits
54(1)Zombie Dogs – Leeching / Burning
59(R)Locust Swarm – Searing Locusts
61!!!Craft a 2H Axe – the stat difference at this level is huge.
68(P1)Midnight Feast


LvlSlotSkill & Notes
0!!!*SEE: D3 Leveling Process if you’re confused.
*Start Adventure mode in HARD.
*Follower: Hire Templar, then steal his weapon!
1(L)Magic Missile (auto)
2(R)Ray of Frost (auto)
4(1)Frost Nova (auto)
6(L)Magic Missile – Charged Blast
7(R)Ray of Frost – Cold Blood
8(1)Diamond Skin
8!!!Craft a 2-handed axe and check back often!
9(2)Wave of Force (auto)
14(1)Diamond Skin – Crystal Shell
14(3)Ice Armor (auto)
16(P1)Blur / Glass
16!!!Craft a 2-handed axe and check back often!
17(3)Storm Armor
19(4)Explosive Blast
20(4)Magic Weapon
20(P2)Glass Cannon
23(3)Storm Armor – Reactive Armor
24(L)Spectral Blade – Siphoning Blade
24(P1)Blur / Glass
24(P2)Astral Presence
27(4)Magic Weapon – Electrify
30(R)Disintegrate – Volatility
30(2)Familiar – Sparkflint
30(P3)Glass Cannon
31(1)Teleport – Wormhole
33(L)Hydra – Lightning Hydra
33(3)Storm Armor – Power of the Storm
35(4)Magic Weapon – Force Weapon
35!!!At L34 your build is basically ‘set’:
(L) Hydra – Lightning
(R) Disintegrate – Volatility
(1) Teleport – Wormhole
(2) Familiar – Sparkflint
(3) Storm Armor – Power of the Storm
(4) Magic Weapon – Electrify 
(P2) Astral Presence
(P3) Glass Cannon
I RECOMMEND binding mousewheel to move, TRUST ME.
48(R)Disintergrate – Chaos Nexus
50(2)Familiar – Arcanot
61!!!*craft level 61 items! 2H AXE is most impt! L61 items are FAR better!
64(P3)Unwavering Will
70!!!Grats! See: Fresh 70 Wizard