I wish there was 10 more seasons of…

The first answer that came to my mind was Riverdale. But that was based on a craving, there must be other TV shows that deserve it better…

As excellent as Star Trek Voyager or Stargate SG-1 are, they are already well wrapped.

So, my final answer is Twin Peaks. Not the Twin Peaks of the second or the third season (don’t get me started about the third)… I mean ten more seasons as good as the first.

How cool would have it been if Dale Cooper would have had 9 more murders to investigate (1 per season), with the red room mystery in the background?

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is my favourite serie of horror movies.

We recently re-watched them all, one movie each Saturday evening. While I remembered that we always had a good time watching them, I forgot how powerful they were.

Horror is very subjective to people, what frightens a person, may not scare another… On my wife and me, found footages are very effective. I think that they are only second to exorcism and posession movies. So, when those two themes are mixed together, in a nice californian setting, all the ingredients are there to make our perfect fright cocktail.

Avengers Movies are Overrated

I’m afraid to see him resurrected in another timeline.

I could have enjoyed the Avengers for what it is: a popcorn movie.

Unfortunately, it felt as if it was constantly trying to be more than that, culminating with the last hour of end game. As much as I enjoyed watching Robert Downey Jr. die, that scene and everything that followed felt way too long.

I’m not the kind of person who only watches dramas, but I’m tired to see fast food movies posing as instant classics.

We’ve been Foraging

We’ve tried Forager on Nintendo Switch.

Being introduced gradually to the game by starting the journey on a small piece of land made it easy to learn the game. I also enjoyed the fact that, for once, there isn’t any background romance or fake friendships to level.

Unfortunately, the amount of tasks increases very quickly. To avoid getting a full inventory, you have to craft faster. But, with several crafting stations to keep track of, there isn’t much time left for exploration.

Maybe, I played it wrong, but if the micro management becomes too frantic, I’ll probably just pass.

Coffee with my wife

A few years ago, my wife and I moved to Brussels and we now live close to the office. As a result, we don’t have an early morning rush anymore, we can start the day with a cup of coffee while listening to a few good mood songs.

At lunch, we always enjoy a nice cup of coffee away from the buzzing of the office.

These moments are priceless, they’re what makes me enjoy my days.

Yesterday, I visited Foxyland, Sisqi’s Animal Crossing town and we did what we love most: we had coffee together.

In game like in life.

4 colour pen

I bought a new pen during my lunchtime. I always wanted a four colour pen but I didn’t like the classic one (blue/red/black/green). While visiting a new store, we found the new ones (purple, pink, teal and neon green). Happiness is in the little things…

Also, I know, it’s so hipster to show a Starbucks cup in my pictures.

I love Logic

Yesterday, as I was getting further in Thimbleweed Park, I remembered how much I hate to be forced to read every dialogue and to use every item on everything in every room, simply because the solution isn’t logical. Also, I really don’t like to have to control several characters to complete a game.

Sorry, Ron Gilbert, but I don’t think that I’ll reach the end of your game. The art is great and the characters are amazing (especially Delores), but my interest dropped once I reached the third part.

It’s finally raining

I’m writing this post while listening to the refreshing sound of the rain falling on the terrace.

HBO’s Chernobyl was amazing. Beside the scientific reasons, the catastrophe could have been avoided, if not for the pride of the soviet regime during which mistakes had to be hidden instead of addressed.

Netflix’s When they see us was the second great TV show we’ve been watching during the heatwave. It brings back to debate about the death penalty and how, to me, it’s always better to let a guilty man alive than to kill an innocent.