An amazing sunday morning


Look who visited us on our server this sunday morning… We first met at the Razor Hill’s inn, then we travelled through a lot of phasing and trees in the face to finally arrive in Winterspring where we had a great time dancing, chatting and taking screenshots.

Navimie even had an amazing surprise for us both. So, Navimie, if you’re reading this… Thank you for everything 😉

  1. Navimie Sep 01, 2014

    I had a fantastic visit! Gawd you two are a crackup 😀 Stay tuned for my post!

  2. Alunaria Sep 01, 2014

    Oh, I know of her! Hah 🙂 Were you all Orcs, once!?

  3. Gamrok Sep 01, 2014

    Nah, Navimie created an Orc on our server to pay us a visit. I believe she’s a Tauren druid…

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