Horror Movies


Extinction is about two men and a little girl surviving a zombie apocalypse in a snowy landscape. It’s a pretty good movie despite the bad ratings Rotten Tomatoes has been slapping around our ears. I usually see that as a reference these days ;p

Granted, the movie isn’t a masterpiece, but certainly very eye-candy without the typical “run, shoot, run” and “die, zombie, die” scenes. It lasts for two hours and it is a slow paced and character driven story. The casting does an excellent job… The mystery surrounding the two men’s falling out and the relationship with the little girl keep you guessing for a while. Of course, the plot twist isn’t so unpredictable that you don’t guess it early on, but it is nice, nonetheless.

Thinking back about the movie makes me realize how much I liked it. I don’t know whether it was the story, the snow galore, or both, but it sure was perfect for a great night snuggling in the couch.

Rewatch material that I most definitely can recommend to any zombie fan.

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