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Fear The Walking Drama

Following the second season of Fear the Walking Dead, when you arrive in Mexico, you first stumble upon death worshipers, then you meet drug bandits and, finally, you end up with religion extremists. But, hey, it’s a zombie TV show… So, who cares about realism, right?!

Believe me, that’s not where the season failed for me, it happened way before, as just as we first see Chris and Travis’s family drama. It was soooo boring that we considered several times skipping the show. But we’re Walking Dead fans, so we kept on watching…

All in all, the show is bad. Plenty of scenes are badly acted. The rythm is constantly interrupted by bad drama scenes, whether between Madison and her daughter or between Travis and his son. Chris is a hateable character, he’s a moron who deserves a bullet between the eyes right since the begining.

I’m glad that we still have the second half of the real Walking Dead to watch this year because this show really didn’t live up to its expectations. There is something else that made me happy in this season but, beware, it’s a spoiler.

Best scene of the show: Chris being executed by his new “friends” not long after he chose them over his own dad. In your face, Chris!

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