Venthyr Allegiance

We made our choice for Shadowlands, our allegiance will go to the Venthyr covenant. The first reason is simply aesthetic, Revendreth is awesome and we definitely can see ourselves in the middle of the intrigues that are taking place in this gorgeous gothic zone.

As we’ve already stated in our previous post, we both plan to main retribution paladins for the new expansion and the plate armor set of the Venthyr looks awesome:

The abilities also seem to fit perfectly our specilization:

Ashen Hallow will boost our AOE, provide some healing and increase the damage output of Hammer of Wrath.

Door of Shadows will grant us a movement ability which will be more than welcome because we lack in mobility.

Many people will argue that Kyrian would suit better the fantasy of a Paladin but we’re not really into Angelic Paladins. Retribution is about dispensing punishment to those who deserve it, our place should definitely be with the Venthyr covenant.

I believe that the last push was the Afterlives video. The more I watch those animated shorts, the more I believe that Blizzard should publish its own comic books. It would be a better way to introduce a new expansion than the book I’m reading at the moment, but I’ll talk about it in another post.