Timewalking the Black Temple

I had already checked a few times the premade tool to find a group to raid the Black Temple. Unfortunately, between the high ilvl or the “link progression”, I couldn’t find any.
I was about to give up and turn the page, when I found a group yesterday evening. It was, apparently, a few people from a guild called “Starfish” who started a raid and who were inviting people to fill the ranks… That group was awesome! Nobody whined when we wiped, we just laughed and made our way to Illidan. After a few attempts, the Betrayer was down.

While it is true that it can’t reproduce the authentic experience of raiding during Burning Crusade, it was awesome to be in a true raiding environment again. I enjoy LFR but there’s nothing like being in a real raid, with people who know each other. It even made me consider joining a relax raiding guild again, for these evenings of jokes and laughter.

Oh, by the way, if you die after you’ve helped Akama defeat his shade, you can talk to this NPC to be brought back inside of the temple and avoid a long run. Later on, he can also bring you back to the command chamber (the room before Illidan).

Black Temple is an awesome place and I was thrilled to revisit it. Here are a few screenshots I took after the raid:

I’m very happy about the new Timewalking raid and I hope that it’ll be expanded to all BC and WOTLK raids in the future.