Evil Dead Rise

Once more, the Book of the Dead has been opened and, once more, evil has taken possession of humans to bring chaos to this world. While the plot isn’t very different from the previous movies, the setting is. This time, except in the first scene, the cabin in the woods has been replaced by an old apartment from which people can’t escape.

The team in charge of the setting did an amazing job, the apartment where it all happens is amazing. Then, there’s Alyssa Sutherland, who delivers an absolutely stunning performance. The perfectly composed second wife of Ragnar in Vikings turns in one of the creepiest possessed woman I’ve ever seen! I’ll never see her with the same eyes again.

All the ingredients of a classic Evil Dead are there: relentless action, a fantastic casting, a ton of gore (6,500 liters of fake blood were used for the movie), an amazing soundtrack (the voice on the recording is none other than Bruce Campbell’s) and even a chainsaw.

Honestly, we didn’t expect it to be so good and, apparently, neither did the studio. The film was originally meant to release exclusively through HBOMax via direct-to-streaming, but it performed so strongly during test screenings that they decided to release it theatrically instead.

Definitely a top pick for a solid horror evening, even if you’re not a fan of the franchise.

Black Friday

We watched Black Friday on Black Friday and I don’t know what was worse: the movie or the sales day. I don’t care much about the sales day (I avoid it every year). As for the movie, it was bad. 

Just as in Ash vs Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell delivers a demonstration of overacting. The scenario is horrible and lacks pretty much everything that would keep us interested. The special effects of the final scene were laughable and we were so bored that we got restless in the coach. 

I get the whole analogy between customers and zombies, but it was made in the most boring way possible. My final advice: if you see Bruce Campbell in the credits of a movie, don’t watch it!