Tales in a Jugular Vein

Principal Featherhead takes aim at the negative influence comic books have over kids, just as Jughead is tasked by Pep Comics to write four tales for a new issue – IMDb

Episode 5 of Riverdales’ seventh season was my favourite so far. I always loved the series, but watching four comic book inspired horror tales that take place in Riverdale with the usual cast was new and refreshing for this show. Granted, it always had a bit of a horror and comic book vibe, but this one took it a step further.

You get thrown back in time, the 1950’s, when the violent and sexual content in comic books caused an uproar which led to the creation of The Comics Code Authority to censor comics. A real life event portrayed in the TV-show. I remember, as a little girl, stumbling upon boxes filled with my uncles’ horror comics from the 50’s era in my grandmothers’ attic. People thought I had disappeared while I was just sitting on the attic floor, devouring one book after another. My mum didn’t approve, and like all that is forbidden, it’s what you want the most. Needless to say that horror comics were the most popular at that time.

Watching these four tales in a candlelit room while rain was tapping on the window, gave me serious Halloween vibes. Only things missing were the jack o’ lanterns and our traditional pumpkin oven pasta. Hopefully there will be some more episodes of this quality, even though this is the last and final season of Archie and his gang.