Doom Eternal

I can’t believe what I’m about to write, but I don’t enjoy Doom Eternal. In fact, it has been the low point of my week-end.

The game is visually stunning, the music is cool and I really enjoy the character customisation. As in the previous Doom, my favourite part is to discover the hidden secrets.

However, the action scenes are pretty frustrating due to the lack of ammunitions. I usually don’t mind searching for ammo crates and I even enjoy replaying a scene once or twice just to make sure I collected everything, but having to switch the chainsaw in order to get restocked disrupts the action and works on my nerves.

Maybe, I’m getting to old to change habits that were built throughout decades of gaming. But, reading the comments on forums, it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one frustrated by this.

Why not giving us a fun shooter where you decimate the legions of hell in a non-stop action spree? After all isn’t it what Doom is all about?

I’ll probably give it another try when the bitter taste of this launch week-end has faded…


Friday afternoon, I was talking with my workmate about Doom (it’s ok to slack when it’s almost week-end). Normally, we don’t play the same games, he’s a Playstation guy and I’m a PC gamer. Although, the discussion shifted to something we both have in common: our first contact with the Doom franchise. We both bought our first PC to play Doom II, it was a 486DX2 66Mhz with a Soundblaster 16. I believe that this story is common to a lot of gamers of my generation‚Ķ

So, when it comes to playing Doom, it’s more than just launching the latest shooter, it’s almost religious. That’s why I didn’t play it earlier, I never found the right week-end to give it the time it deserved. Now that things were finally more quiet, I finally could jump in my space-marine suit and travel to Mars.

As usual, I’m not gonna review the game. All I can say is that the latest Doom is, to me, the crown-jewel of the serie. I love the way you can customize your gameplay by enhancing your weapons and your armor. The mini-challenges to get the runes were also a blast. The weapon I had the most fun with was the heavy assault rifle, equipped with the scope. Omg, demon heads have popped!

While Mars is already amazing, Hell was where I had the most fun. The landscapes are gorgeous and, like my workmate says: “now, we’re going to the party!”.

I’m very happy about the arcade mode because I’m not nearly done with this game!