Westworld – Season 2 & 3

There is no doubt about it, Westworld is probably the best TV show we’ve been watching over the past few years. While the second season brilliantly brings the western story to an end, the third season completely blew my mind in a Blade Runner kind of way.

Warning, what comes next contains a few spoilers.

When the android that was created to be abused for entertainement in a theme park manages to break free, it puts its new found freedom and very existence at risk to free human kind from the chains of its own condition.

I wanted to share my thoughts about simulation theory, but philosophical skepticism is pretty heavy and I gave up half way writing about it.

I just think that the androids in Westworld and mankind in our reality have a lot in common.

Androids don’t have the power to get out of the loops for which they’ve been created.

You could argue that, unlike androids, we’re free, we can escape our loops and change our lives. But, could you really say, from one day to another: I quit my job, my family, I let my half-paid house behind, I walk into a train and go to live in Paris? While some people manage to escape their loops, most people don’t. Our routines create a false sense of security that pressure us to stay who we are until the end.

I know, this is heavy stuff but that’s what Westworld got me thinking and those thoughts aren’t from yesterday, wasn’t the entire punk movement built on the anti “work-consume-die”?