Kingslayer Orkus

A few times a year, I manage to forget my lack of time and decide to re-roll. It happened again a few days ago when I started a new paladin. I enjoy these moments because they make me revisit the old content and remind me of quests that I had completely forgotten about.

That’s exactly what happened when I was levelling around Southshore and stumbled upon an old friend: Kingslayer Orkus of the guild “Red Like My Rage” (lol).

This awesome quest chain is without a doubt my favourite one ever created. The remembrance of that goofy Orc still brings tears to my eyes, but I won’t spoil anything 😉 If you’ve never completed this chain before, I highly recommend you do! Just fly to “the Ruins of Southshore” where you’ll find Orkus “drowning” in the water. He’ll give you the first quest to an awesome adventure!