SV Hunter solo ICC 10

I’d been raiding ICC back in LK with my resto druid every week and I never had the chance to get Precious’ Ribbon. Yesterday, Precious finally dropped his damn ribbon, it motivated me to go on with the run and see how far I could solo ICC 10… At level 90, with an ilvl of 540, I didn’t encounter any “firepower” issue. However, as a SV hunter, a few fights required some special tactics.

I don’t intend to write full guides but I found it boring to have to read 5 different guides (which were mostly written for DKs) just to get passed a few tricky fights. Here is a compilation of the things to know if you want to solo ICC 10 with a SV Hunter.

Lord Marrowgar sometimes casts Bone Spike Graveyard to impale an enemy. Since you’re alone, nobody can come to rescue you, not even your pet. Basically, if you’re impaled, you die. There is a simple way to avoid it, just keep the aggro on you and he won’t cast it. To do so, I just had to deactivate Growl on my pet, easy.

The Gunship Battle was probably the hardest part of the run. You have to use a cannon and cast Cannon Blast until the heat reaches almost the maximum (don’t let it go to 100% or you’ll have to restart), then cast Incinerating Blast to do maximum damage to the enemy ship. Every time a portal appears on the bridge of your ship, you have to dismount the canon and kill the enemies that will come out of it as fast as possible, that’s your top priority because they deal massive damage to your ship and will make you lose the fight. When Below Zero is cast on your cannons, you won’t be able to use them anymore, you have to jump to the enemy ship, using your rocket pack, and kill the enemy mage.

The fight is just a matter of following a priority list: Kill the enemy NPCs on your deck > Kill the enemy Mage > Use the cannon. During the last 10%, forget the priority list and nuke the enemy ship with the cannon.

Valithria Dreamwalker is impossible for a SV hunter. The dragon needs to be healed and, unless you have MM off spec with 3 spirit beasts, you won’t be able to provide any healing. There is a solution: skip it! You can do so by using the Goblin Glider (you need to be an engineer) as described in this video.

The final “trick” is to use Distracting Shot once in a while on the second phase of Arthas, so the Val’kyrs won’t come to pick you.

The rest is pretty much straight forward, nuke bosses until the Lich King where you’ll have to know when to move to the border of the platform and when to come back to the center but that isn’t SV hunter specific anymore…

Voilà, I hope that this little compilation will help you soloing one of my favorite raid ever. Have fun!