Downgrade of the Dragon

House of the Dragon is a great show and we’ve enjoyed watching it in our Christmas-decorated living room.

Unfortunately, we both have been very disappointed by the actor swap after the fifth episode. Replacing Milly Alcock by Emma d’Arcy was the biggest downgrade they could have possibly done. Milly Alcock is atypical and beautiful, she created a real sexual tension between her and Daemon. Emma d’Arcy is common, tasteless and asexual (in the show and in reality).

I’m certain that Milly Alcock could have perfectly portrayed an older Rhaenyra. However, if they absolutely wanted to replace her because of the time jump, they could have casted another actress than Emma d’Arcy, whom I believe was among the worst possible choices.

SPOILER: The actress swap ruined the sex scene on the beach. But, hey, it’s not like we were waiting for it SINCE THE FUCKING FIRST EPISODE!

I also think that Emily Carey shouldn’t have been replaced, she was a better queen Alicent than Olivia Cooke and the difference of age appearance is negligible.

Beside the mid-season casting changes, we love the show and we’re impatiently waiting for the second season (even if it’ll apparently take two years, sigh).