Spiral: From the Book of Saw

A man is strung up by his tongue in a subway tunnel. That man is a police detective with a lengthy record of perjury allegations. Will he cut out the tongue that wrongly put innocent people in prison, or is it now him who will be railroaded?

We watched the movie to get our sadistic gore fix, like the ones we’re used to get from a Saw movie, however we also received a story, and a good one.

If you’re seeking the classic Saw experience, you will get it. Blood is spilled, fingers are cut off, and skin gets peeled away. But you will get more than gruesome special effects. Spiral is a thriller laced with copious amounts of gore and the result is good, so good that it made me forget how much I don’t like Chris Rock.

Saw X

Warning: this movie sucks your eyes into the screen

A sick and desperate John travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. (source: IMDB)

Some people wanted more than just a gruesome movie… I did not. I’m not especially interested in John Kramer’s dramatic story, I just want to see poor fucks being thought a lesson in the most possible brutal and sadistic way. I’m not sick (well, not really), I’m just a dude who likes to get what he pays for. If I buy horror, I like to get it. If I would buy drama (which will never happen, not in a million year), that’s what I’d like to get. The only mix I enjoy is stracciattella ice cream, because it’s delicious. However don’t sprinkle my horror with your sob dramatic stories!

I didn’t have a bad evening watching the movie, I was just disappointed not to have another classic Saw. While I understand that the franchise needed a breath of fresh life and a prequel with a (more) solid plot was a good idea, I found it often more draggy than ruthless.