Don’t Fuck with Cats

From Sasquatch to serial killers, our week-end lunchtimes are dedicated to documentaries. A few weeks ago, we watched the infamous show about the guy who went from killing kittens to killing people online.

The documentary is very well done, it unveils the entire story of an internet killer in a TV show fashion, building up a suspense that makes you wanna watch the next episode.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I really advise you to do so before reading what comes next, because it contains spoilers.

While there was a lot of WTF moments in the show, I couldn’t help but feeling sorry for Luka. He’s a pure product of modern society. Singled out from his youth, brainwashed by TV in a world where fame is all, his barriers between good and evil completely blurred out until he lived in a movie of his own.

On the other side, you have a bunch of no-lifers, thrill seekers who dedicated their time hunting him down. You see them crying when they watch Luka’s videos but they wake up in the middle of the night to watch them, out of a morbid curiosity that’s probably their only source of emotions.

I don’t know who is worse in the story, Luka because he armed pets and people or them because they enabled him.

Anyway, Luka went down, but he did it in style while the internet police only looked like lonely and sad people.

Scream – Season 3


Serial killers doesn’t feel compassion, they don’t feel the same way as other do. They enjoy to hurt people or to see people being hurt so they can feel something. They don’t kill for revenge, they use revenge as an excuse to kill, it’s just an opportunity. (source: me, I’m a criminologist)

If you follow this rule, you should easily find who Ghostface is in the third season of Scream because, for once, they didn’t cheat. Most movies or TV shows that relies on suspense will often misguide the audience, so they can surprise it with a final twist. This time, they didn’t.

Other than the show being more honest than usual, the suspense was what kept me watching. I know that it’s part of the Scream recipe, but I start to get tired of the over-stereotyped characters. Also, I really didn’t like Deion, neither the character, neither the actor. I can’t explain why, it just didn’t click.

The third season is worth the watch, only to see if you’ll be able to find the killer. After all, it’s only 6 episodes.


Even though the third season is less good than the previous ones, it still remains a decent slasher show.

The first episode threw me off due to the casting. Beth, the goth girl, looks so fake with her glued on piercings, it still makes me cringe.

The second episode got me convinced to like the tv-show nonetheless. The pacing, and classical slasher theme got me hooked. Also, they followed the rules on how to survive a horror movie to the letter. Makes it all kind of obvious, yet you never stop wondering who the real killer is.

My top ten on how to survive a horror movie:

  1. Never say you’ll be right back;
  2. Never walk backwards because it’s always behind you;
  3. Always check the inside of your car before you get into it;
  4. Don’t ever split up;
  5. When you know that the house is haunted, just leave the place;
  6. Always assume that your attacker is still alive;
  7. If you find an ominous book written in a language you can sort of sound out (but don’t really understand), don’t read it out loud;
  8. Don’t ever go into the basement or attic alone;
  9. If you suspect something or someone is haunted or possessed, don’t stick around trying to make contact with otherworldly spirits;
  10. If you’re a girl (most often a virgin) and you notice that everyone else around you dies, congratulations, you’re a Final Girl, and you’ll probably survive!

Well, from the looks of rule number ten, I’m doomed. Haha… Anyway, like I’ve mentioned before, a decent slasher worth the watch. I wonder if there’ll be a fourth season though.