Getting ready for WoD

Paladin or Shaman

Some people try to get as many achievements done, others are taking a break, everybody has his own way to get ready for the release of Warlords of Draenor…

Each launch of expansion has been a pain to me, not that I don’t enjoy it but it’s the time to do the thing I hate the most in RPGs: choosing which class to play first.
For me, being ready for WoD means knowing which toons I’ll be playing and getting them ready for the big day, I don’t wanna be leveling a new alt when everybody is enjoying the new content.

While the question of which character should be my main has been solved over the years, I still have difficulties deciding which character will be my “first alt”.
The idea of having a “first alt” may seem silly to some people but, since I don’t have as much time as I’d like, I have to make a choice.

My main being a hunter, I’d like a different gameplay for my alt… This is why I’d like a healer.
Knowing that I fancy soloing old content for transmog gear, the paladin has a little edge, but I haven’t tried holy yet while I already know that I enjoy resto shaman.

No matter which character I’ll choose, this time I’ll be prepared!