The Conjuring 2

As creepy as the first chapter, this conjuring movie takes the Warrens to a haunted house in London… On top of the classic jump scares, the demon pulling the strings is a vicious entity set on widowing Lorraine. If you’re being attentive at the beginning of the movie, you will notice the demon’s name being spelled several times in the Warren’s house, and knowing a demon’s name is holding dominion over it.

The Conjuring


I don’t want to enter the debate about the truth behind the Warren case files. I believe in atoms, biology and chemistry, I don’t believe that something unexplainable, guided by evil forces, lurks in the dark.

But, as strong as my belief in science can be, movies like The Conjuring or The Exorcist make me feel uneasy. When those movies are over and I need to bravely cross my apartment at night, I usually bring my flashlight with me.

But that’s what I’m asking for, a scary feeling that lasts for a little while, until my brain takes over, and The Conjuring delivers just that.

Of course, the scenes are well done and the tension is build perfectly, but it wouldn’t work as well if the casting wasn’t as flawless. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are absolutely fantastic and both give the movie the level of seriousness that makes you think “and what if it was all true?”. From the moment that the thought enters your mind, the movie has done its job, the door to your logical brain is open and the fear can take over.

So, fact or fiction? Does it matter when it’s quality entertainment?


We had planned to watch “El Camino” last night, but when we saw that The Conjuring was available on Netflix, we changed our minds. It’s October, and we don’t need a lot of excuses to opt for a horror movie if we can, even if it’s a re-run.

I know that I’ve already seen this movie a few years ago, yet I was still as terrified as the first time I’ve watched it. Most movies loose the element of surprise once you’ve seen them. The Conjuring, however, still kept me on the border of my seat until the end. Absolutely bonechilling!

Apparently, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga (who portray Ed & Lorraine Warren) traveled all the way to Connecticut before filming began, where they spent time with the real Lorraine Warren. They wanted to learn about her long-running paranormal career in order to make the film as authentic as possible.

I also read somewhere that the production was plagued by spooky happenings, but I don’t know whether I believe these stories or not. Could be a great publicity stunt to attract more viewers.

Anyway, true story or not, The Conjuring scares the living hell out of me! Perfect for a Saturday horror night.