Dick Move, Universal

A year ago, Soforah and I started to rebuild a collection of our absolute favourite shows on Blu-ray. Streaming services regularly remove shows from their catalogues and I simply couldn’t live without DS9, Voyager or The Next Generation. We just don’t buy any show, only the ones that we often rewatch.

Anyway, here we were, cosily installed in our coach, when the first thing that plays out of our Blu-ray player is an ad for another show, then another one and, finally, a third ad before we can finally access the menu.

This makes me want to go nuts, and I mean Homelander nuts on the people at Universal. Are they fucking kidding?! In a world where people almost don’t buy physical editions anymore, where people prefer to go on Pirate Bay instead of paying, we still purchase your stuff and how do you reward us? With 3 ads before the show. That is the definition of a dick move!