Warcraft Movie Presentation

Have I ever been this glad to have bought a virtual ticket for the Blizzcon this year! So many new announcements from Overwatch to the first Warcraft movie to the Documentary LFG,… I feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster this weekend. My geek batteries are reloading 😀

Anyway, the thing I wanted to talk about in this post is the “Presentation of the Warcraft movie”. I’ve really been looking forward to this and I can tell you that now I’m even more excited for the release than before! The panel was so passionate about the movie, about WoW and its’ world. I was having goosebumps and tears of joy in my eyes at the same time. It’s so great to hear that people that passionate and with so much love for the game are working on this project!

And I’m not only talking about Chris Metzen or Duncan Jones,… even the actors that play in it. When they first announced that Travis Fimmel from Vikings (awesome TV-show!) was a part of the cast, I couldn’t believe my ears. And the good news just kept rolling in. From Clancy Brown (original voice of Thrall) to Robert Kazinsky who, by the way, made quite an entrance on stage with Doomhammer on his shoulder. He explained how much he’s a huuuuge WoW fanatic (DK, 500 days played *respect*) and how much he wanted to play in the Warcraft movie. His imitation of the “Orc walk” still makes me laugh and added to the inflaming excitement that has been the overall vibe of the Blizzcon this year.


Having heard the panel talk about how amazing it was to walk through Stormwind for “real”, seeing its’ message board, mailboxes,… all coming to life make me want to do only one thing: let’s play even more and let’s play it now! Laters ;p