Horror Movies

The Apparition

The Apparition is about a parapsychology experiment that has gone wrong. Something evil was conjured during this experiment and a young couple discovers that they’re being haunted by this evil presence.

This movie is a perfect example of why we have this blog. We had already watched it quite a while ago, but fell asleep halfway through the story because of the poor acting. Don’t get me wrong the idea is good, I love stories about haunted places or people. This one just doesn’t do the trick.

Normally, when you live in a house where one creepy event after another occurs, you’re supposed to be scared out of your mind. The actors in this movie, however, seemed to be okay with all the supernatural creepy stuff that was happening around them. The last thing I would do if my ceiling was being tainted by something evil, is to casually poke it with a broomstick. Seriously, this movie lost all its’ credibility from the moment they’ve casted those people. Tom Felton may be an excellent Draco Malfoy, but if I were him I wouldn’t target a carreer in the horror genre.

It was the second time we’ve watched this movie and I understand now why I entirely forgot about its’ existence. Not worth wasting your time.

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