Horror Movies

The Invitation

This movie is very well rated everywhere on the “great horror websites”, it’s a trap! I’m gonna spoil this one and I do it for your own good: You have to assist to an old friend reunion, a very depressive one. The kind of dinner I’d dread to be invited to, where people talk about their depression, the way they fought it, they play stupid games, laugh and cry,… The only thing that makes you keep watching it is the feeling that something bad is about to happen. And guess what, it happens (what a shock), but, to see it, you have to go through a solid hour of depressive boredom.

I’d advise you to save your evening and fast forward this movie to the end… Unfortunately, even the final scene isn’t that good. Better skip the entire movie and watch something else.

Oh, and I forgot, that woman on the picture chooses, as a way to commit suicide, to shoot herself in the belly. Just as you think that it can’t get worse…

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