The Occultist’s Daughter

An ancient secret passed down since the dawn of time. A powerful Order sworn to protect it. One man’s vision: to reveal the truth and trigger the greatest evolutionary leap in human history. A dark force hellbent on stopping him. And then there’s Ryder and Sammy, two hapless college grads caught in the middle of it all.

The book uses Occultism in Los Angeles as background for a growing romance between a clueless midwest guy who followed his wanna-be-actor friend to LA and falls in love with a sophisticated cult priestress.

I originally bought this book for our wedding anniversary trip to Rochehault because Diablo 4 had just been released and I wanted to read something dark. Well, the book isn’t really dark. Quite the contrary, actually.

It’s a real page turner and probably the most entertaining book I’ve read in a long time. Definitely, my book of the year.

In the book, the occultist family’s corporation is named Alchymie Publishing, and the book’s publisher is also named Alchymie Publishing. Could all of this be true (please, be true)?

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