Horror Movies

We Summon the Darkness

The movie isn’t bad but it could have been so much better if it wouldn’t have turned into another comedy slasher film.

Spoilers ahead!

Worst cliches used in this movie:

  • Having the prisoners escape as just as they are left alone is so unsurprising, it’s sad;
  • One of the three girls had cold feet from the start, how couldn’t the two others notice?
  • Using a spray and a lighter under a door… Really?
  • Of all the years I’ve spent being surrounded by metal heads, I’ve never seen anyone acting as retarded as the dudes from this movie.

It had potential but the story line or the lack thereof makes it a disappointment.

We watched it until the end though, probably because of Maddie Hasson as a sexy goth girl (the other two looked like Elle models wearing leather jackets).

Extra points for using a grass trimmer as a weapon and the brief appearance of Johnny Knoxville.

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