Horror Movies

Doctor Sleep

We had two movies for that Saturday evening and we wanted to keep The Colour out of Space for another time because we were tired and afraid to fall asleep before the end. Since we’re not really fans of Stephen King, we thought that Doctor Sleep would be a safe choice.

We got very surprised by the movie. While it’s not really the advertised sequel to The Shining because, let’s face it, there can’t be a sequel to such a classic, it felt like a great spin-off.

What made it so good is that there was a real sense of danger. It may come down to a personal preference but I find a bunch of children-killing-carnies scarier than a children-eating-clown. Also, Rebecca Ferguson was frightful as Rose the Hat.

We had a great evening with the doctor and he didn’t put us to sleep. (I just couldn’t help myself)

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