The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Ok, the plot isn’t transcending. You can send your brain on holidays when you watch this movie, you won’t need it anyway!

The camera work, the actors, the slasher scenes, everything else is great. I personally prefer the first chapter, but I wasn’t disappointed by this Saturday eve pop-corn movie.

While each character brings something, I especially like the father of Melanie who’s like The Big Lebowski gone gamer. Just as with Badger from Breaking Bad, I wish that I had a neighbour like that.

The Boy

You travel to UK to take a job as babysitter. When you arrive, you realize that the kid you must babysit is, in fact, a doll and that the parents are obviously missing a few screws. Hoping for the best, you accept the job… (here comes the pitch that no one had seen coming) After a few days, you notice that something is odd with the doll.

Any stupid idea can be turned into a great movie. It isn’t the case with “The Boy”.

Wouldn’t have it been for Lauren Cohen, we wouldn’t have made it until the end. Unfortunately, good acting isn’t always enough to compensate a bad movie.