Our fisherfriends

During our last holidays, we worked hard to bring our druids up to date with the latest content. Among our goals was “Fisherfriends of the Isles”.

We’ve spent more or less two hours a day fishing in raids to become best friends with each of these guys…

Our favourites were Suramar (because it was incredibly fast) and Val’Shara (because the raid was gigantic – more than 40 horde players and 20 allys).

We’re so glad that Blizzard has implemented more fishing activities and I hope that they’ll continue in the next expansions.

The Deaths of Chromie

I was very excited when I heard that there would be a new scenario, The Deaths of Chromie. At first I didn’t want to be spoiled and refused to read anything about it. Little did I know that it isn’t just a simple scenario, it’s quite an event…

There are portals to unlock, a reputation to level,… and, most important: you can run the scenario as much as you want! Since I never read anything about it, I didn’t know that last fact so, when I started the scenario and saw the timer at 15 minutes, I panicked. So much to do in such little time… I’m going to fail! Once the 15 minutes were over, I realized it was repeatable and, with a sigh of relief, started running it over and over again.

If I were to give any advice… unlock the portals first! You’ll have to go to the dragonshrines to kill and collect stuff which will lead to having to kill an end boss. Each time you’ll defeat the related Dragonshrine for the first time, a portal will unlock. There are four in total, my favourite being “The Culling of Stratholme”. I don’t want to spoil too much so, I won’t go into any details!

The ultimate goal of the scenario is to defeat 8 timeways in one attempt. I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m first leveling my reputation with Chromie in order to unlock more of her talents, which will make her stronger. My reputation has currently reached “Epoch-Mender”, only one more left after that (Timelord), and then I’ll finally make my attempt for a speed run.

In the meantime, I hope you’re all having as much fun as I do, and good luck on the speed runs!

The Netherwing

The Netherwing

We have both completed our reputation grind with the Netherwing (already my third time). When we started the dailies, we didn’t know that one of the Nether Drakes would be a requirement for the new dragon achievement in Warlords of Draenor.

At the begining, the Sandstone Drake was part of the meta but, following a recent tweet of Jonathan LeCraft, it has been replaced by the purple Nether Drake.

So, if you are arriving in Shattrath after hitting exalted with the Netherwing and you don’t know which Nether Drake to pick, the one that will give you the purple Nether Drake is Malfas.

Reputation: The Argent Dawn

Since the release of WoD won’t be for tomorrow, I’ve been keeping myself busy with rep. grinds, achievement hunts and the last steps for getting my legendary cloak.

A few days ago, while queueing for raids I had the idea to get exalted with the “Argent Dawn”. But, having that said, I had no idea how to… there is no tabard and there are no dailies. All of a sudden, I got a little discouraged, thinking I would never get that rep. up. Wrong! Actually, after having searched a little, I discovered a fairly easy way that took me less than 2 hours to get exalted with that faction.

After having finished questing in the Eastern Plaguelands, you’re supposed to be “revered” straight. When that’s done, you simply go to “Light’s Hope Chapel”. There you will find an NPC named “Lord Raymond George”, located on the cemetery behind the Chapel. He gives 2 quests: Annals of the Silver Hand (Stratholme) and Aberrations of Bone (Scholomance). Despite they are marked yellow, you can pick them up as many times as you want in one day. Each of them will grant you 2000 Argent Dawn rep.

I’ve first started with “Aberrations of Bones”. This one requires you to kill “Rattlegore” in Scholomance. He’s located in the very beginning of the dungeon so, the whole thing goes pretty fast. The only thing that took a lot of time is to fly back and forth handing in and retaking the quest.

“Annals of the Silver Hand” is the one I’ve been running in loop though. It’s situation is much closer to the quest-giver and very simple, really… you just run through Stratholme and let all mobs and bosses follow you till the end where you one-shot them (beware, I did this with a level 90 character!). Then, in the very end of the dungeon you will find “Instructor Galford”, you kill him and take the book from him. Once you leave the dungeon, the book will respawn so, you just go back to hand in the quest, retake it and run fly back to Stratholme. If you don’t reset the instance, there won’t be any mobs to kill left, leaving you a clear path to run through. I don’t remember how many times exactly I’ve done this but, like I’ve mentioned before, it took me less than 2 hours to get exalted.

At first I thought it would be a boring grind but, I actually had quite some fun re-seeing some “old” instances. It made me feel so nostalgic. Especially Scholomance… That place is soooo beautiful.