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Tauren Diplomacy

Lately, I’ve been playing with WoW Model Viewer, it opens the door to so many possibilities, and it’s really fun to use. Expect more silly things like this in the near future…

By Sardoken

Just a dude playing games and watching TV.

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Hah, you certainly live up to the tags Pun and Tauren. Well made 😀

I’d like to expect more silly things in the future 😉

I am trying to stay away from the WoW Model Viewer – I fear it will be too addictive and timeconsuming..!

Thanks… The idea came yesterday, as I was trying to take a screenshot and a Tauren standed right in front of me 🙂

You’re right about it, I just can’t stop playing with it 😉

Very easy to use, it’s like a big character creation screen… The only problem is that it isn’t too stable (you must download the latest alpha build if you want to use it with legion). It won’t crash your PC or anything like that but it will occasinally close if you load it with too many textures… other than that, it’s pure fun, you can even import your characters by providing armory links.
The great thing is that you can export the images in HD and use them in photoshop, great to create banners, avatars and little cartoons…
If you want to try it and you have questions, I’ll be glad to help you 😉

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