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The Shallows

We had a nice saturday evening with this modern days Jaws…
In the middle of February’s greyness, spending an evening with surfers on a hidden Mexican beach really felt good. What felt even better was to see them being eaten by a giant angry shark.
I haven’t spoiled anything yet, an horror movie with sharks never ends up without a few people being eaten…

While the acting is good, it’s especially the shooting that made The Shallows enjoyable. Everytime someone enters the water, the camera is at the right place to make you feel the imminent doom.

A bit like 127 Hours, the movie does good at making us wondering what we would have done to escape the shark. I would have died swimming at night to the beach, thinking that the shark was gone.

But, unlike James Franco, Blake Lively gets out of this dire situation in a very not credible way. Here comes the spoiler: Nancy, a med school student manages to stitch hereself with her unsterilized earrings and spends more than 24 hours on a rock without going septic after having been beaten by a shark. But that’s not all, she also manages to trick the giant white shark into impaling itself on a piece of metal at least 10 meters below the surface.
I know that I’m supposed to set my brain on standby when I watch this kind of movie, but that’s a bit too much, even for the brainless me. Even an evening with Jason Voorhees is less asking, probably because it doesn’t try to be as realistic as The Shallows.

Anyway, The Shallows is a good movie for an entertaining evening. Remember: don’t think too much.

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