Xmas Holidays: First Week

Our home working computers are hidden inside of a wardrobe, the apartment is fully decorated (picture above), the laundry basket is empty and everything is planned to the last detail. But you know how it goes, after 3 days the plan was entirely changed…

We were supposed to play only with our paladins but we’ve also started to level our hunters and we’ve race changed them to Taurens…

We’re currently using Clefthooves as pets because they’re more resistants to damage. Also, they’re big wooly beasts and we love them. I’ve called mine Hoofty because, you know, Liège and stuff…

We were supposed to watch the second season of The Boys, followed by Truth Seekers. Instead, we’re re-watching one of our favourite TV shows ever: Dark and it is as good as the first time we watched it.

TLDR: We’re on holidays, we don’t follow the plan we had made and we’re having a blast. The best moments are often unplanned.

By the way: it’s my birthday and Soforah is making her infamous vegetarian lasagna for this evening, we’ll just have to pop it in the oven after an afternoon of levelling in Maldraxxus and Ardenweald, life is good!

  1. Gravgon Dec 12, 2020

    Happy birthday !

  2. Sardoken Dec 12, 2020

    Thanks Grav’ 😉

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