One of our most favourite things to watch during our Sunday lunchtimes are documentaries. Whether it’s about a serial killer, Bigfoot, or doomsday preppers, all is welcome as long as it keeps us interested.

At the beginning of the quarantine a new docuseries, “Tiger King”, was released on netflix. Everybody and his mother seemed to be pretty hyped about it so it only seemed natural to watch the show from the beginning to the end. What seemed to be a fun thing to watch in the first episode, gradually became a drag. Joe Exotic went from a funny loose cannon with a mullet to an absolute train wreck of a person. I honestly never thought that something like that existed in this world. Anyway, I admit that I only watched the entire show to be up to date with the hype, but to be entirely honest, I could have lived without it.

Add to this basket over hyped shows like “Making a Murderer”, “The Staircase”,… which I found not only boring, but also extremely depressing. I even quit watching these in the middle not caring about the end.

Unlike the previously mentioned basket cases, there are also riveting documentaries that were compelling to watch, and that brought a tear to my eyes when it ended. “Don’t Fuck with Cats”, “The Bigfoot Files”, “Evil Genious”,… All these were excellent.

“Bigfoot Files” was a complete other type of documentary, but was interesting, and at times even made me roll on the floor of laughter. Some scenes were so ridiculous, it was funny. Yet a part of me desperately wanted to know if they found actual clues on whether Bigfoot really exists or not. Spoiler alert: they haven’t. I guess that the mysterious creature will remain a myth after all.

In the entire haystack of serial killer docuseries, my favourite is “Don’t Fuck with Cats”. The story of Luka Magnotta was both disturbing and interesting, and kept me glued in front of my screen till the end. I loved the way they build up the suspense in each episode. Still now I wonder who the real monster in this story was, Luka, a victim of modern society, or the people on social media that seem to have given him a push into the direction he took. Regardless, an excellent story which is hard to top, and my favourite of all serial killer stories.

Looking For Group

We’ve just watched the documentary about World of Warcraft and I don’t think that I can make a very decent post about it. Not that I didn’t like it, I LOVED it. I can’t write anything at the moment so much it made me emotional. Sometimes I forget how huge and how great WoW is, sometimes I forget who are the people behind it or how many people around the world are touched by it… This documentary shows it all in an hour, not only does it refill my geek batteries, it makes them overload! I have fight to write this post while it’s still warm instead of jumping back into Azeroth and go live awesome adventures with Soforah (who’s just doing the same beside me).

This year, we’ve bought a new apartment and if anyone knows something about prices of new constructions in a capital city, they’ll know that adding a second room is really something expensive. Yet, we did it, not because we want to make kids, but because we wanted a dedicated room to live our passion to its fullest.
Watching this documentary makes me realize how right we were, because WoW isn’t a just a game, it’s an experience that rewards your dedication with fun and unforgettable remembrances.

This documentary is a collection of great moments in the timeline of WoW, and it made me realize how emotionally connected I am with the game. I’ll download this video and I’ll keep it on my cloud so I can watch it anytime I need to be reminded how cool our world is. Meanwhile, here is a little gallery of my favorite moments: