Harry Potter rerun

Every summer, Sardoken and I love to rewatch all Harry Potter movies during the annual mind-numbing heatwave. This year, no exception. There we were hanging in the couch, suffering the scorching temperatures, trying to alleviate our pain by watching one of our favourite movie series. After all this time, still as magical as ever.

Instead of ranting endlessly about the heat, here’s one particular scene with my favourite Hogwarts teacher, professor Slughorn:


The other faces of Kiefer

Lately, during my last home-working lunchtimes, I’ve been watching Designated Survivor.

After hours watching Kiefer Sutherland trying to be Mr. President, it got me thinking that all his roles weren’t always that bad.

On top of my head, I remember him as a vampire in The Lost Boys, which I can’t even mention without hearing this song in my head and, my favourite, Sam Stanley from Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me.

As for Designated Survivor, wouldn’t it be for the terrorism plots, I don’t think that I would have made it to the end of the first season.

Climatize me

Brussels, 37°c

Today is one of these rare days when I’m happy to be at the office. While Brussels is burning under a scorching sun, I keep cool thanks to the AC of the finance tower.

I wanted to take a picture of the view from my usual lunchtime spot at Starbucks, but it was so crowded that we had to sit somewhere else. Cold spots are very popular on days like these… Instead, enjoy the view from my office.

Radioactive Noodles

On Tuesday evening, Soforah and I normally have a few drinks and listen to music before eating pastas. For reasons that are mostly histamine related, we decided to quit drinking a week ago. So, instead of getting drunk, we ate homemade noodles while watching Mamytwink’s trip to Chernobyl, then we watched the first episode of the HBO TV show Chernobyl. It was a very nice evening. Big thanks to my wife for coming up with such a great plan, preparing the food and helping us keeping sober.