We’ve both been playing Valheim for a month and we’re having a blast. I can’t believe how deep and huge the game is, for only 16,00€ and a single Go of disk space. Combining survival, crafting and progression through gearing and boss hunting is brilliant. Also, we love Vikings!

Even if the two games are very different, Valheim sometimes reminds me of my vanilla WoW experience, where I had to make sure that I was packed with consumables and that my gear was repaired before going to explore a huge world filled with enemies. Sometimes, you can face a mob or two and, sometimes, you have to run to avoid a troll because your gear is not strong enough…

I must say that the first few hours were brutal… Going in blind, we had no idea of what to do and we did a lot of stupid things, like throwing weapons away when they only needed to be repaired. But one guide has change everything for us: David Allen’s Complete Valheim Written Guide. First, as the title says, it is a written guide, which is so much better than a Youtube video that you have to watch for an hour, while taking notes. You can use the guide as your companion to learn how to defeat the bosses, but also how to build your first house, how to use your first cart,… In short, all you need to know to survive your journey.

Of course, we don’t follow it literally, we also spent a lot of time increasing the safety of our main base by digging a moat. We take our time, it’s almost 100 days and we haven’t killed the Elder yet. Valheim gives us the freedom to adapt our game time to our moods. Sometimes we wanna fight and we venture in the Black Forest and sometimes we just wanna chill after a hard day of work, so we keep gathering mats, cooking food and crafting stuff.

I have the feeling that we’re going to spend a lot of time in Valheim, at our own pace.


It was about time that someone released an humoristic take on our favourite scandinavian barbarians. Were vikings really as intense as depicted on TV? That’s a question that only Norsemen can answer.

We enjoyed all three seasons and we can’t wait for more. From the Norwegian accent of the actors to Orm’s schemes, Norsemen made us laugh to tears.

All scenes were first shot with Norwegian dialogue, then in English. The Norwegian version is called “Vikingane,” produced by NRK (Norwegian television) while the English version can be seen on Netflix.

The first season averaged more than one million viewers in Norway, a country with a population of a little over five million. (source: IMDB)

Neither Norwegian channel NRK nor Netflix have announced whether Norsemen will be back for season four. But a potential fourth season could head back to the show’s original time period, answering the cliffhanger left lingering from season two. Fingers crossed!

The Last Kingdom

It all started when one of the actors of this TV-show started following me on my old twitter-account. My first reaction was: who’s this dude and what’s The last Kingdom? A few episodes later, we were completely hooked.

As Alfred the Great defends his kingdom from Norse invaders, Uhtred — born a Saxon but raised by Vikings — seeks to claim his ancestral birthright – Netflix

The TV-show is based on a series of novels titled The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. I admit I’ve never read these, so I can’t judge. As a big fan of Game of Thrones and Vikings, I think that The Last Kingdom is a nice addition to the genre.

It depicts well the harshness of living in a barbarous world. The vikings are portrayed as a bunch of brutal savages, while The Saxons look small and terrified. The contrast is huge and it always makes me wonder on which side I wish I would have been on…

Also, the opening credits are beautiful. I just love this shot:

Meanwhile, they’re working on the third season. Thank you Netflix for renewing the show. It would have been a great loss if it wouldn’t have.